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Top 5 Elements That Need A/B Testing On Your Popups

Our work does not end with making an effective popup because it requires time to time attention. In order to have an effective and converting popup one must keep optimising it and also keep checking what is working with your popup and what’s not.

To conduct this activity, we need to run A/B testing on popups where we find out every tiny piece of your popup which is working out for you. This process involves- updating, changing, customising, re-writing, designing etc. of your popup.

Generally, A/B testing should be conducted in the duration of one to two weeks after finalising and updating your popup.

In this blog, we will deal with-

1. What Is A/B Testing On A POPUP?

This means that once you created your website popup, then you must start your A/B testing after a week or two. If you are thinking that you have to change or develop your whole popup to a new one in a week or two then let us clear out to you that this is not the case. 

To clear that misconception, we will go through those important elements of your popup which require A/B testing. So it’s a relief that you don’t need to change the whole popup but just a few small elements. Without any further a do, let’s move on to the next topic- 

5 Elements To A/B Test On Your POPUP

1. Headline

Here, we are talking about the key attraction of your popup which is the headline. The headline is the first thing which a visitor sees so it should be bold, appealing, good in colours, highlighted and well-written. 

For example– if you have a headline like- ‘Wait! We have something for you then you have to let it run for a week to track if this headline is actually working for you or not. Then after a week or ten days, you can change just this headline from  ‘Wait! We have something for you to ‘Grab this offer at 20% discount’. 

Likewise, give this headline a week or ten days and then track all the days and figure out which one worked better or which headline attracted your customer the most. 

The last step is to keep that one headline which is working on your popup and you are done with the A/B testing of your headline on the popup.

2. Discounts and Offers

The same process goes with discounts and offers too. 

For example– in the beginning, you have an offer of a 30% discount on your product and you don’t see much rush or excitement around that offer in your customer. Then give it seven days and then change your offer or discount. Like, you can change it to offering free shipping, no delivery charges, buy 1 get 1 free offer or you can showcase that you lowered the prices. 

This way you can keep updating your discount and offer on the popup after a week or two and can easily finalise which one to use. But in the end, you must focus on the benefit of your customer and then yours.

3. Themes & Designs

You must not forget to A/B test your designs and themes on your popup. Design, colours, outlook, themes, visuals etc. on your popup also matters a lot because the way you present your website popup should not annoy your customer with its flashy colours and themes. Also, it should match the vibe and your product on the website. 

For example- If you own a website and you have a product like a shoe, then your popup must have that outlook that you own a shoe website. It should not flash colour or design which looks inappropriate to your website and popup. This is where you need to A/B your designs and themes which are close to your website product and then decide which looks best.

4. Images & Visuals

Images and visuals are said to be one of the effective ways to put a positive impact on your website. So keeping attractive images and visuals always works effectively on your popup. But A/B testing is still required on the images and visuals. 

To make it easy, you can shortlist two to three images or visuals for your popup and simply try the new image or visual in a week or two for the A/B testing. You will get the results of which image works out best for you. 

5. CTA

Lastly and most importantly, the A/B testing of CTA is very crucial but important. Focus on what CTA you should have on your website popup. Sometimes, what you write on your CTA might not attract your customer. So to A/B the CTA, you need to simply look at your popup headline and the message you are conveying on the popup then have an appropriate and very clear plus concise CTA for your customer.  

In short, if you are changing the offer or a discount then have CTA accordingly. CTA need to be clearly visible and should follow the theme, colour and design of the website and popup.

Quick Tip- Never run your A/B testing simultaneously. We mean that you can run A/B testing for your headline and CTA at the same time but it is always better to either A/B test your headline or the CTA at once. 

In short, you need to A/B test one element at one time so that you can clearly track the difference between the previous and the updated one. 


We hope that we made you clear enough about the A/B testing elements on your popup. Now you must be able to figure out what kind of popup will work out for your website. It is the process you must follow after creating the popup. 

For a better experience, you can easily download ourPopup Anything Plugin which serves the best to best designs, colours, themes, popup outlook, popup format and many more. With all the features of our ‘Popup Anything Plugin’, you can update and customise your popup timely at ease. Download and try out our popup in order to conduct your A/B testing easily. 

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