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Top 7 Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

WordPress is well-deservedly touted as the best and the most user-friendly platform and stats also vouch for it.

More than 39 percent of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress and if you are reading this post, the chances are that you too are considering using WordPress for your next big project. 

You must pat yourself on the back for your decision; however, there are certain mistakes you gotta avoid at all costs. In this post, we are going to share the most common WordPress mistakes and the best practices. 

WordPress Mistake #1: Picking Wrong Themes 

Experts say that your website’s design plays an instrumental role and you want to start on the right note. It all begins with a good theme design as it will have a significant impact on your website’s performance. 

WordPress best practices include picking the right theme. As you know there are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes available. 

The majority of beginners are not good at designing their website and this is where these ready-to-use themes come in handy. If you follow key WordPress design tips, you can also customize these themes according to your preferences. 

You must avoid installing a theme without going through the list of features it offers. There is detailed documentation available for each website on WordPress and you should check out all the features before making a decision. 

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WordPress Mistake #2- Not Taking Frequent Backups 

Another common WordPress mistake is not taking frequent backups of your website. If you do so, the risk of losing data looms large. 

You must take regular backups of your website as it helps you restore it in case something goes wrong. There are several backup plugins available and you can choose the one you deem appropriate for this purpose. 

WordPress Mistake #3- Installing Too Many Plugins

Installing too many WordPress plugins is another common mistake users make. It doesn’t do any good to your website as it weighs it down and affects its performance quite badly. 

Whether it is for design layout, SEO, testimonials, or any other purpose, you should only install useful WordPress Plugins. If you already have a website, it is time to check unused plugins and uninstall them right away.

WordPress Mistake #4- Forgetting SEO 

SEO isn’t dead and it’ll never be. As a website owner, you need to live by this mantra. SEO should never be ignored as it will just sabotage your chances of being found out by your target audience. 

The design and coding aspects of your website have to comply with the SEO guidelines rolled out by Google. Also, it is an absolute no-brainer that your website must be responsive and designed for optimum user experience on mobile devices. You also might like to read about Mobile Lead Generation: Proven Marketing Tips to Grow Your List

By keeping all the tips above in mind and avoiding SEO mistakes you can increase your website’s searchability and boost conversion rates. 

WordPress Mistake #5- Taking Speed Optimization for Granted 

A slow-loading website not only drives away your visitors but also hampers your SEO prospects. Google and other major search engines encourage speed optimization for a good user experience. Bounce rates also increase which is the last thing you would like to see skyrocketing. 

If your website is slow, no matter how well-designed it is; it will be ignored by Google. So, check the speed of your website and if it is slow there can be several reasons behind it. The most common of them all is having too many large images or videos on your website. Consider compressing the images without compromising on quality. 

WordPress Mistake #6- Not Making Optimum Use of Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a robust and comprehensive tool that helps you gain vital insights into your website’s performance. Not using an analytics tool simply means you have no idea about the page views, conversion rates/funnel, and bounce rate to name a few. 

Checking your website performance periodically helps you strategize better. You get to know what is working and what isn’t and if needed you can’t always get back to the drawing board. 

WordPress Mistake #7- Not Paying Attention to Google Updates

Keeping your website updated is quite necessary and Google updates are rolled out for a reason. We would like to debunk the myth that installing updates can cause you to lose the data. 

Beginners often make this common WordPress mistake and deprive their website of performing better. WordPress keeps sending notifications about the new updates and you should pay attention to those to timely update your website. 

Final Thoughts:  

There is no doubt that WordPress is a great tool and the best CMS you could ever find. It is highly intuitive, but you need to keep in mind WordPress best practices to get the best out of your website. If you stay away from making these 7 bloopers, your website will produce desired outcomes. For more details, you can contact us here.

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