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Want To Create A Login Popup? Here Is A Step By Step Process To Follow

Are you looking to include a WordPress login popup modal on your website? A modal login popup enables people to instantly connect to your website without exiting the page. 

WordPress is one of the most popular website development platforms on the internet. You can use WordPress Plugins that help your businesses get a versatile online platform with functional extendibility with the help of various plugins and widgets. 

A login popup may be helpful for those operating a membership site, online shop, or material that is only available to customers.

This enhances your website’s user quality of experience. In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a WordPress login popup modal.

Let’s look at why you should use the pop-up login form.

What’s The Purpose Of Creating A Login Form?

The answer to this is so obvious! because you run a business and you need to convert the visitor into your customer.

Let us say that you are running an e-learning platform, a matrimonial website, a community website, or an e-commerce store – you need the people who visit your site must create an account or log in to your site. 

but the sad reality is no one wants to go on a separate log-in page and then be redirected to again what they were looking at! that really discomforts the customers and for the same reason, a login popup is required.

Any custom pop-up login form you create will redirect customers immediately when they click the login link. Customers are sent to another page on your website after submitting their login credentials. Here are the Best WordPress Popup Form Plugins For Your Business Website, you might like to read.

In comparison to the custom login page, the WordPress modal login popup is somewhat different in appearance. The use of a popup modal for WordPress login eliminates the need for a WordPress page.

In place of this, you can simply add a popup login modal to any page of your website.

By creating a WordPress login form, you may log onto your site without visiting any other pages.

Why Is A Plugin Required For Your Login Popup Modal?

Popup Anything on Click, a brilliant pop-up login form plugin, lets you add an eye-catching popup to your WordPress website with nine different placements and seven different effects. All kinds of material forms may be included in your Popups with the popup builder plugin (HTML, Image, Shortcodes, etc.).

Step-by-step instructions are provided below.

Although there are many login WordPress Popup Plugins available, this one is worthy of your consideration. We’re so impressed with this plugin that we don’t think it’s worth comparing it to anything else.

It is possible to increase the number of people who become customers, followers, or potential customers by using Popup Anything to attract and convert visitors.

What Does A Login Popup Modal Sound Like?

A “modal” is a web page feature that appears at the front of the existing page’s existing content, effectively disabling all other content of the page. It is sometimes referred to as a “pop-up” due to the fact that it “pops” over the information and design you are now seeing.

A modal is an excellent solution for integrating your login features with the rest of your site. While you may customize the default WordPress login screen by altering the colors and removing the WordPress logo, the experience is still disorienting in comparison to checking in from the current page.

Download, Install, And Activate The Login Popup Plugin

Add the “Popup Anything on Click” plugin to your WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins > Add New and searching “Popup Anything on Click.”

1. Let’s Configure The Popup

As shown in the below image first you need to select the behavior of the popup means are you using it as an announcement of your new product or offer, to collect leads, for a targeted link, etc.

The next step is to select the type of popup. It could be anything like a bar, slider, modal or push notification, etc.

Customize all the details to your liking – no coding required. You may customize the popup’s type, content, and design, among other things.

Customize anything to your liking without writing a line of code.

2. Popup Anything’s Advanced Settings

Now, comes the advanced setting such as a popup that should be visible to “Everyone” or a specified targeted Mass.

Then you can also control what type of devices the popup login displays.

Here comes the most exciting part, we all use adblockers, and sometimes it may happen that an adblocker blocks the popup from appearing on your site. But it is not the same with our smart plugin as you can bypass the adblocker and the login popup will be displayed even if the user is running the adblocker.

As shown in the above figure you can also check or uncheck for storing the impression or clicks data.

3. Using Popup Anything For A/B Testing

A/B testing campaign may be enabled or disabled. Popup Appearance and the Popup you want to use for the campaign may be added to the details.

Wrap Up

Using this plugin, you can create a login form within no time. A gorgeous, custom-branded, and easy-to-use login popup is now possible on your WordPress site, thanks in large part to this Popup Anything on Click plugin. 

To keep the overall experience consistent with the rest of your site, you can now allow your users to log in from whatever page they’re currently on.

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