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What is a Hero Image? Best Practices And Examples For High Conversions

Hero images have been popular for quite a while and why not? The impact of visual representation of content or an idea cannot be undermined and that’s why an increasing number of websites have started making the most of it. 

Impactful imagery grabs your users’ attention and uniquely boosts the interaction. The hero image is touted as a robust communication tool that’s more than just a pretty picture. 

This speaks volumes about what this tool is capable of; however, if you are not aware of what a hero image is and how it can do wonders to your business, this post is for you. So, let’s get the ball rolling. 

What Is A Hero Image?

The world of web design defines ‘Hero Image’ as the first graphic, video or any other illustration visitors see on a web page. In other words, a hero image is placed above the fold and comprises an enterprise’s core concept or message followed by a call-to-action. 

Hero images are a powerful tool and allow you to flex your creative muscles through highly engaging and interactive carousels, grids, and sliders containing animated images or videos. 

So, now that you know what a hero image is, you must be wondering how to create one that fulfills your objective. Yes, there are tons of WordPress Plugins to help you achieve your purpose. One such amazing plugin is- Hero Banner Ultimate

The WordPress plugin is laden with a whole slew of features such as 10 designs for creating a hero banner, video background, adjusting background image or color, set button URL/text/class, and user-friendliness. 

More Features of Hero Banner Ultimate:

  • Fully responsive designs for every device. 
  • Extra features and settings for mobile devices.
  • General settings for extra control on banners. 
  • 10 pre-defined designs 
  • Set background image, background color or add video
  • Responsive and SEO friendly 
  • Set banner colors according to your preferences 
  • Set button URL, text, and class 
  • Hero Banner Ultimate premium is available at $116/year (unlimited websites) and you can choose the lifetime license for just $134 (one-time payment for unlimited websites)

But like every other tool you need to keep certain points in mind to make the most of them. Also, you would like to read about Top Slider Hero Banner Plugins for WordPress 

Let’s take a glance at some of the best practices to help you leverage hero images to your benefit. 

1. Use Hero Images to Convey One Bit of Information 

Hero images are large and have ample space; however, they should be used only for conveying one message at a time rather than attempting to put in everything you want to say about your brand.

Stick to just one idea, concept, or offer that conveys the core message so that it can resonate with your customers. 

2. Use Images That Stand Out 

The whole idea behind using a hero image is to grab your visitors’ attention and make them notice what it has to say. 

Use distinctively appealing images that stand out and capture their attention. The best hero image examples by the most reputed brands demonstrate how high-contrast images can be harnessed. 

The WordPress hero image you get designed must be emotionally persuasive to strike the right chord. It must evoke the emotion that is in line with your product or service offering. 

Whether you are a faucet brand, restaurant, or non-profit organization; your target users want to know what you have to offer and why your brand, product, or service must be preferred over several others. 

3. Only High-Resolution Images Must Be Used

Your hero image is of no worth if you aren’t using a high-definition image. Use only top-notch and high-resolution images that aren’t pixelated or blurry. 

Out-of-focus images unless they are purposive in the wake of a creative idea, turn out to be a spoilsport, and hence they should be used with great care. 

4. Do Not Ignore Different Screen Sizes 

Your audience could be checking out your website on a laptop, desktop, iPad, or mobile phone. For this reason, your hero image must be essentially designed keeping in mind different screen sizes. The hero section of the website is crucial and if it doesn’t load well on a particular device type, your message doesn’t get conveyed the way it should. In fact, it ruins your brand repute. 

5. Do Not Use Irrelevant Images 

A high-definition hero image that doesn’t convey the core message of your brand or campaign is as good as not having one. On the contrary, it will sabotage UX and your plan. 

Picking the right image also eliminates the need of reading the text. Not to say that you should not include text. You should! You must make the most of minimal text and call-to-action. 

6. Be Creative & Use Illustrations

A perfect substitute for images is creative illustrations. You can take creative liberty and come up with out-of-the-box ideas to create illustrations that evoke the right emotion. 


WordPress hero images have immense potential and a single hero image can do what dozens of images cannot. There is a myriad of WordPress plugins that make hero images responsive to fit all screen sizes. So, whether it is the layout or responsiveness, you do not have to worry; however, designing the right image is your brand’s responsibility and it should be well thought out.

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