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People are counting more on WordPress than any other Content Management Systems, and the reasons are pretty obvious. Undoubtedly, WordPress has 60% of the market share in the Content Management System powering 14% of the world’s leading websites. 

We being a WordPress Plugin Development Company hold our interest in making WordPress more powerful and resourceful for our clients. Recently, I attended a few of the most important Tech Events in the USA, i.e. Inbound 2019, Pressnomics, NYCWC 2019 and Dax 2019. 

From across the world. I have met WordPress agency owners, WordPress product-selling owners, WordPress theme and development company owners as well as WordPress plugin development owners. Meeting them, we had a great time exploring the capabilities as well as the limitations of having a WordPress website. 

Flaws are a part of every system introduced on the earth, and the website development platform is one amongst it. During my visit to the USA, I got an awesome opportunity to connect with different digital marketing agency owners as well as WordPress company owners as shared above, and we have recorded a few videos with them that help Indian WordPress agency owners in a broader perspective to link digital marketing with WordPress failures or success. 


Well, watching the video gives an idea about one of the basic issues that any WordPress website owner is facing, and that is definitely, ‘Low-Speed Optimization’. Speed is one of the most important aspects of any website. 

If your website is lacking speed, it will not attract or engage more users. Visitors might often feel offended with the waiting or loading time of the website and might switch over to the other websites that are displayed in the search engine results.

Do Plugins impacts the speed of your Website?

The major reason behind poor website site optimization is ‘too many plugins’. As suggested by Robin Finger, downloading and installing plugins directly impacts on the speed of your WordPress website.

Yes, there are no limitations to the use of plugins on your WordPress Website. It shouldn’t be interpreted that one should keep downloading more numbers of plugins. 

for a website (more plugins = more loading time)

Our WordPress Story

As discussed in the video above, our website’s loading time is also hampering the speed optimization, and yes, we are working on the same for enhancing our website’s loading time. Our Development team is exclusively working by balancing the optimization between the use of plugins and speed to allow us to use the required widgets.

Our WordPress development team has run a few performance tests to exactly reach a situation where they can guide the WordPress website owners with the right piece of advising on which plugins takes maximum time to load, and which doesn’t take enough time hampering the website speed and performance. 

According to the performance tests, the type of plugins that you have downloaded on your WordPress websites affects differently to your WordPress website. Here’s a reference chart of the same showing what type of plugins can result in the change of the loading time. 

Type of WordPress Plugins
Base loading time (in seconds)
Loading time after install (in seconds) Change in %
Security plugins 0.93 s 1.13 s 21.50%
Backup plugins 0.93 s 0.94 s 1.07%
Contact form plugins 0.93 s 0.96 s 3.22%
SEO plugins 0.93 s 1.03 s 10.75%
E-commerce plugins 0.93 s 1.22 s 31.10%


Security and eCommerce Plugins

Considering the performance tests and the table results derived above, the major impact on WordPress’s site’s performance is hampered because of the eCommerce plugins. But, on the other hand, eCommerce is one of the best platforms to collide with WordPress. Indeed, WooCommerce is one of the leading plugins getting downloaded on the WordPress websites. 

What Digital Marketing Experts have been trying to explain?

For years, digital marketing strategies have been changing for the better. In a way, it is progressing for boosting your website in the search engine visibility. If you follow the right advice of your DM expert, we are sure that your website’s performance time can be nurtured and progress. 

Few are the digital marketing benefits of using WordPress

  • Content Marketing
  • Website Portal
  • SEO
  • Conversion
  • Agile Marketing
  • Community building

The challenges faced by WordPress with successful digital marketing

WordPress has a lot to deliver to the brand being one of the top-notch CMS for generating traffic online. As it is an SEO friendly platform, digital marketing results are flawless. But, when it comes to site optimization, digital marketers are a bit worried. 

WordPress being a simpler platform, has a lot of creativity to offer, which makes it complex many times. One of the best examples of it is discussed above, the more numbers of plugins installed on the WordPress website. 

Digital marketers work hard for helping the website owner with leads and visitors. The leads are often offended by the loading time of the website. This fails the entire marketing strategy. Speed optimization is definitely one of the first things that every WordPress website owner should think about before getting the SEO or digital marketing done. 

Carrying out the strategy is very important, and this is not working, especially when your WordPress website has low-speed optimization issues. 

Another thing that makes the WordPress website load slowly is the large CSS theme files. It is also of the factors that should be considered by consulting a WordPress Maintenance Company. Unless your website is optimized with better speed, digital marketing is not going to generate the desired results. 

The equation is quite clear:

Good WordPress Speed = Good Digital Marketing Results. 

Solutions by our WP OnlineSupport Development Team

95% of the security blog says that you should use less number of plugins for security reasons and speed. The largest problem with having too many plugins is that some can slow down your site.

Since 40% of visitors will exit a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load, watching the number of plugins you install is beneficial to your website’s success.

  • Only Install Reputable Plugins. WordPress Plugins are essential for building and maintaining a successful site. But having too many WordPress plugins on your website is bad news.
  • Too many plugins can lead to security breaches on your site, site crashes, bad performance, slow loading speeds, and more.
  • A good rule of thumb is, to never exceed 20 Website plugins. If your site is hosted on shared or budget cloud hosting, try not to use more than 5 plugins.

Finally, enlist the help of a WordPress plugin expert if you need advice about plugins or help to manage the ones on your site.

WP OnlineSupport

We have been helping WordPress website owners from across the globe with maintenance, plugin, and theme development services for about a decade. We understand how each little thing is important for getting the digital marketing strategy to work in your favor. 

You can contact our development team and get your WordPress speed test run to help the digital marketing strategy get the desired result. We also offer WordPress SEO services to increase your website’s visibility over the search engines.