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Why Avoid Using Free and Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins?

Free & Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins

You may have heard the term nulled WordPress plugins and themes for your WordPress site. 

Or are you already running your WordPress site on a nulled WordPress theme?

If you’re unfamiliar with a nulled plugin and theme, they’re pirated versions of premium WordPress items that other users pay for.

Websites that use nulled wp themes and plugins are often infected with malware, posing a severe security risk to their users. Installing them on your website may open the door for hackers to get access to your system. You run the danger of causing harm not just to your site but also to your company and reputation.

We’ll go through the most important reasons you should avoid completely using nulled themes and plugins. 

Is it illegal to use nulled plugins?

Even though it causes significant damage to websites, redistributing and using nulled WordPress plugins and themes will never be prohibited. According to those who engage in this practice, WordPress Plugins and themes may be derivative works. Copying and redistributing are both permitted.

No, it is not necessarily unlawful to use nulled WordPress themes. Their themes and plugins are licensed under a GPL (General Public License), enabling the free distribution of these products. People are usually drawn towards a nulled plugin because they are available for free rather than the more expensive paid options.

A GPL-licensed piece of software would be required to utilize a nulled wp theme or plugin. There are no laws or regulations to breach since the GPL explicitly permits the distribution of GPL code.

Here are the key reasons to look for 

A few of the most compelling arguments in favor of not employing nulled WordPress plugins and themes on your website are listed below.

1. They are Bad for the SEO of the website

Your WordPress SEO will be destroyed if you utilize nulled WordPress themes and plugins. 

If you utilize nulled WordPress plugins, your website might be infected with spam links. Human eyes have difficulty picking up on these actions since the linkages are carefully concealed in the coding. 

You will almost certainly not be forwarded when logged into your WordPress profile. However, search engines quickly discover and punish your website by de-indexing or lowering your search ranks.

Getting your website’s SEO rankings back up and running may take months, and in some cases, a complete redesign is necessary.

2. You will not get any assistance from the developer.

In most cases, plugins and themes may be installed and utilized without the need for assistance or support. However, at some point, you need support from developers. 

Most premium plugins and themes come with a support package that allows customers to ask inquiries and have any difficulties they may be having with the product resolved by the developers.

As a result, what happens if you encounter any problems with a nulled plugin that the developer can only resolve? To make this clear, since you are using a nulled theme, you will probably be unable to contact the creator for assistance.

3. You might face specific privacy issues with your sites

Different types of harmful malware may be concealed inside nulled WordPress plugins. Code that takes data from your WordPress site and sells it on the dark web might be included in this category.

Among the possible items in this list are your user’s name, email, and any credentials you may have. Customers’ personal information might also be dangerous if you operate an online shop or a membership website.

Hacks like these might go undetected since your nulled WordPress site is still running correctly.

4. You are putting your web security at risk

Website security is important to you; thus, you don’t want to use a nulled wp theme. In addition to the built-in vulnerabilities, they are also well-known for carrying their viruses.

If you put it on your website, one of these nulled items may transfer harmful virus code to other files and disguise itself. This makes it hard to locate and remediate the vulnerability’s precise location.

Beyond that, search engines like Google and Bing may decide to remove your website from their index if they believe it has been spreading malware using nulled WordPress plugins.

5. It discourages the development

With the help of plugins and themes, WordPress websites may reach new heights of performance, design, and usefulness. Developers devote a great deal of time, effort, and money to their projects, which they see as a labor of love.

Their hard work is being stolen in the form of nulled WordPress themes and plugins is frustrating for developers. Taken from them is a business that ought to be theirs first!

Instead, then utilizing a nulled plugin, we encourage using free genuine alternatives. Nulled WordPress plugins should be removed from your site immediately and replaced with a legitimate version.

If you insist on installing the nulled theme, we highly advise you to check it first for harmful code before proceeding.

Wrap Up

We realize that our advice may seem a little hard, and we also recognize that it’s appealing to download nulled WordPress plugins rather than pay the total price.

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