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Enhance curiosity with WP Countdown Timer & Ultimate

Hey Guys, today we are highlighting one of the important plugins from our WP corner, i.e., ‘Countdown Timer Ultimate’. The plugin is quite simple and easy to install. It is a useful plugin for those website owners, who need to add countdown or timer on their landing page.

This featured plugin is highly beneficial when you are about to launch your website or product or service. It creates curiosity in the visitor’s mind, which is a big engagement for your website or brand.


  • Honestly, you do not have to be tech-savvy for using the plugin. It has simple steps for installation and utility. Within a matter of a few minutes, you can set down a countdown on your website.
  • The plugin allows you to create a functional countdown as our plugin has few countdown options to set from.
  • Using our plugin, you can add unlimited countdowns on your website. So, if you are wondering after adding the countdown and timer, your website will look more beautiful than my answer is ‘Yes’.
  • WP ‘Countdown Timer Ultimate’ offers you 13 different styles for setting the timer on your webpage. You can choose from varieties of styles such as circle, simple clock timer, vertical flip, horizontal flip, round the clock, bar clock, night clock, modern clock, etc.
  • The plugin offers the clock expiry time functionality and is integrated with eCommerce. The adjustable circle clock width, along with the flexibility to change background colours, make it more functional.
Introductory video on WP ‘Countdown Timer Ultimate.’

The USP of the plugin is the clock animation feature, which makes it different from the stereotype timers. Also, you can pick different color option for the day, hour, minute and second individually.

Our 100% Multilanguage and fully responsive countdown and timer plugin will serve your website in a professional yet creative way. So, start helping your viewers to count and increase curiosity among them with this amazing WP countdown time and ultimate.

I hope you watched the video for a technical understanding of the plugin. Hope that helps! See you soon with another video blog!