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WordPress has been the most popular, widely used & free CRM platform for creating blogs and websites. Being fully managed by Automattic, it is one of the easiest and ready-to-use blogging platforms out there on the internet. You just have to create an account and follow some simple steps like picking a domain name and a theme you like and you can start adding and editing your content. 

But whenever you ask some random person about WordPress, most of them think that they are talking about and they have no idea what is. That’s where we should actually start the comparison. When comparing the two things, WordPress has always been about and its plans.  

WordPress may have the same CRM as but it has been made entirely differently and instead of being managed by Automattic, they have provided the entire control of the website to the users. With many being a self-hosted version of, you can build your entire website online and on your own. 

Which One To Prefer?

If you are new to this WordPress environment and space, you might have at first come across and its plans. Later on after certain research you must have seen and again gotten all confused over which one to choose.

We are going in-depth into the differences between these two sites. At first, let’s understand the basic difference between the two: is a build your own website platform, apart from being free to get started with, you wouldn’t have to pay anything extra for web hosting or domain name. All you gotta do is visit the website, sign up and after following some basic steps, you will be good to go. is an open-source website software. It is an operating system for your website. The software is free to download and use and doesn’t cost you any money. But you will be needing a hosting service in getting started with activating your website. The inner working of both platforms are similar to each other and it allows the same level of customization mostly. vs Main Differences

1. Storage

First of all, offers 3GB of cloud storage space in their free plan which increases with an increase in plans. While on the other hand when you opt-in for, it will all depend on the web hosting service and which plan you take. 

2. Domain provides you with a free subdomain at first which can be like and you will have to choose other plans to get your own custom domain while in you will have to buy domains via web hosting services. 

3. Security & Backups

With, you will be getting basic security and backup options but with you will also get some levels of security from your web hosting service which can be helpful to some extent but soon you will start needing security plugins and backup plugins to secure your website.

4. Technical Issues handles all the technical difficulties and issues as it manages the entire website and every situation, you won’t have the authority to do anything other than waiting for them to fix the issues. In, you will have full control over what you do on your website, fixing your own issues and making changes to it. 

5. Themes lets you choose from a limited collection of free and premium themes while with you can have access to thousands of free and premium themes giving you the power to choose from different ranges of themes and layouts. Apart from this, you can also import themes downloaded from any source. 

6. Plugins

In, you can use external plugins with the 25$/month plan. For the rest of the plans, you will have to use the pre-built features. You won’t be able to add extra features to your website which aren’t provided with the plan. While in you will have access to more than 50,000 plugins from the WordPress plugin repository which you can choose from, for your website. You can install any free or premium WordPress plugin whichever you desire. This can be very crucial when you are aiming on customizing your website. 

7. Monetization & Advertisements

You can’t have advertisements on your website unless and until you choose a business or eCommerce plan in On top of that, WordPress will display their ads on a free plan which you will have to pay 4$/month, but with you can put advertisements and monetize your website the way you want. You can use any ad services and the entirety of earnings will be yours.  

Final Thoughts 

No matter whichever you decide between and, you will find pros and cons in both of them so it all comes down to you, your website’s purpose, and future aspects. When you are aiming at making a serious website for your blogging passion or business or eCommerce website, would be proven cheaper in the long run and will drastically help you make the most out of the website. While is for everyone who wants to get into the wordpress environment to experience having their very own website without having to spend a penny on it. When you want to make a website just for yourself.