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WordPress Website Maintenance Services Plans and Packages

1) WordPress Installation:

WordPress is very easy to install and familiar for its ease of installation. Many web hosts now offer tools to automatically install WordPress for you.  However, for the first timers to install WordPress by themselves is challenge and have to keep few points in mind as below:

a) If you are installing in your local machine then you need a local server (eg wamp). If installing OR transferring to  live server then you need ftp (File transfer protocol ) details
b) Database name for your website inside phpMyadmin. has gone one step further and will help you install WordPress with our first timer trial-account. WordPress install will happen with assistance in following areas:

a.) Necessary security Plugins and right way to use them.
b.) Theme Recommendation as per the business objective of your website.
c.) Other necessary plugins to use.

As part of WordPress community wants to support first-timers with live support parting all the experience of WordPress usage that our team has and helping beginners on setting up there website and get going.

2) Proactive WP Version Upgrades:

Its very easy to upgrade WordPress with a Automatic upgrade button present in WordPress CMS. But when you upgrade WordPress to latest few point that you need to take care :

a) Backup your database because database is heart of your website
b) Backup your WP-content dir because this dir contains your Theme, Plugins and Upload sub-dir

We use Pro version of backupbudy plugin to take care of all offsite backup of your website and database and also upgrade the same.  So look forward for you free trial account for WordPress first-timer at

…and let us handle your WordPress version upgrades stress free.

3) Child Theme:

A child theme is a theme that come into the functionality of its parent theme.  Child themes are recommended by WordPress for modifying an existing theme. For example if you directly modify a theme like changes in style.css, header, footer OR other file inside theme and it is updated, then your modifications may be lost or get altered.

Child Theme Normally Contains:

a) Child theme directory
b) Style.css
c) Hedaer.php and footer.php file
d) Function.php

If you want to change more than just the stylesheet, your child theme can override any file in the parent theme: Simply include a file of the same name in the child theme directory, and it will override the equivalent file in the parent theme directory when your site loads. For instance, if you want to modify the PHP code for the website header, you can include a header.php in your child theme’s directory, and that file will be used instead of the parent theme’s header.php.

4) Right Plugin Installation Help & PRO-Active Upgrades Of Plugin:

Lot of times plugin installations as well as upgrades will conflict with other plugins.  We want to save our users time and gives a facility for support on installation of right plugins as well as upgrade all the plugins of a website without hassle to WordPress website owners.

Not upgrading WordPress version and all its plugins create lot of security issues and unstable website driving away your potential users/lead away from your website.

We have used all the latest tools available to pro-actively monitor your websites and upgrade the plugins whenever they are available with their latest versions.

5) Daily Security Monitoring For Your Sites:

Monitor your website with WordPress Security Software Like WordFence, iThemems security and All in one security plugins solutions. We make sure your WordPress website doesn’t get malware or hacked!Defend Your Site From Attacks Brute Force Protection: Limit the website login and Locked out after a few tries, If someone is trying to guess your password.

Custom username instead of “admin”
Strong Password
Hide Login & Admin: You can Change the main URL of your login area and administrator area so attackers won’t know where to look.

Email Notifications: Get  Email notification if someone user locked.

6) SEO Support:

Get better SEO support from us. We will guide you how to grow your business with powerful SEO.
SEO Support
Keyword guidelines
Webmaster tool guidelines
Sitemap help

7) Website And Database Backup On Servers:

Database and theme is very important part of any WordPress website. We make sure that your website and database is backed up daily. Many WordPress sites get hacked every day. We do not know our password is strong or not. Sometimes we by misunderstand or our clients delete the wrong file or make a change that breaks something. But with Pro BackupBuddy plugin, recovering from a problem is quick and easy. Pro BackupBuddy plugin backup your site files on Amazon S3, Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, FTP or email.

8) Custom Post Type:

By default WordPress comes with post and pages as the main content types. Custom post types are new post types you can create. This allows you to define a new post type by its labels, supported features, availability and other specifics.
For example if you run a portfolio website, then you would probably want to create a portfolio  post type. This post type can have different custom fields(Custom field means Meta box in WordPress, Meta box is use to create the extra field in WordPress POST) and even its own custom category structure.

9.) Ticket Support For Any Big Or Small Job:

WP Online Support – Ticket support is the best way to track your problem rather than using emails. You can post us ticket from your account section in with their Status and Priority. We will solve your ticket on the same day depend upon nature of problem and update your ticket with status.