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WordPress Plugin Directory – WordPress again changed Plugin Directory UI

After receiving a lot of feedback from user and developers, WordPress again added tabbed interface and removed “read more” links and improve the UI better than before. Last month the WordPress Plugin Directory relaunched with a new design and improvements to the search algorithm.

The outpouring of negative community feedback on the new design overshadowed many of the helpful improvements. Removal of the tabs was by far the most unpopular design choice in this iteration, as many found it to be confusing and inferior in terms of navigating the information efficiently.

The old interface requires the visitor to click and scroll repeatedly through a massive wall of text. The experience of doing this to find information is much less efficient than the previous tabbed UI. Now new interface contains:


This section is now containing plugin full detail Description, screenshots slideshow, FAQ and Contributors & Developers.

Screenshot display is still somewhat clunky, requiring users to click on their browsers’ back button in order to return to the plugin details. Better to display in a model popup OR in a tab as before.


Added a Reviews tab contains all WordPress plugins reviews. The Reviews tab now displays six of the most recent reviews, as opposed the previous two most recent. This makes it not as easy to destroy a plugin’s reputation with poor reviews timed to always be visible on the main plugin page


The installation has removed from FAQ section and added as a tab.

Plugin Stats

Plugin Stats remain same and are still under Advanced View link.

Support and Development links are now added as a tab.