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WordPress Publication Case Study: Meri Saheli

About the Client Company

MeriSaheli is an Indian news and entertainment website that provide all the latest entertainment news and information. Along with the entertainment news, it also is a lifestyle blog that imparts knowledge regarding interior designing, food, parenting, and career. The website displays a lot of information through visuals and texts and is being updated regularly.

Client Needs & Requirements

The lifestyle blogging website Merisaheli needed proper management of its website with numerous changes done to it. The clients wanted to make the website more engaging by adding certain features and enhancing the experience of the website.

Our Take On the Challenges

In order to integrate the required functionality and features mentioned by our clients, our WordPress Plugin experts had to understand the functions and the requirements of the clients so that we can implement these changes improving the website drastically and making it engaging so there is a spike in the website engagement.


Being a magazine for women, the website needed to function with high performance, our WordPress Experts made sure of that by revamping the website according to the client’s needs and focus on improving the performance of the website. The website revolves around multimedia and images, we enhanced and optimized the images that are used for the articles so that it loads faster.

Our major goal was to improve the UX of the website so we focussed on achieving that and for that, we started optimizing the content of our client’s website in terms of SEO for a better ranking and experience. For better website navigation and experience, we categorized the content database efficiently to make it easier for the users to navigate and glide through the website content and pages.

End Results

After making all the desired changes and fulfilling all the requirements, here are the end results.