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WordPress Sliders Not Working Perfectly? Here’s Why? & How To Fix It?

Have you recently visited any website with no sliders?

I am sure you haven’t.

Sliders are an integral part of website design. 

Call it sliders, carousels, or slideshows; they are the opening banner of your website or eCommerce store. Hence, it should work perfectly for attracting your online visitors.

What are WordPress Sliders?

WordPress sliders are the banners that help display the most important information about your business on your website’s header. Sliders are in the form of revolving banners, slideshows, and carousels. It has got both textual and visual information to display with interactive design. Nevertheless, smart sliders have a CTA (call to action) button to boost the marketing strategy. You can also read about Tips to Create an Engaging WordPress Call to Action.

Why Is Your WordPress Slider Not Working in Website?

WordPress owners often complain about improper working sliders or carousels, WordPress images not displaying properly, and poor loading sliders. All these reasons can lead to slider failure on your website leading to a bad impression in front of your website visitors. 

1. Slider Images Fail to Load

Sliders are a mixture of text and visuals. You often face an issue with your WordPress website that the slider images don’t load properly. It generally happens because of code conflicts. 

Code conflicts can lead to sliders or carousels with half or poor loaded images. It delivers a bad impression of your website, especially when running a business or an eCommerce website. 

Why Does It Happen?

When your website images are not displayed properly on WordPress sliders, the reason for it is a code conflict. It may be possible because of downloading a slider plugin for WordPress which is not compatible with the current page builder or theme. 

How To Fix It?

You need to uninstall the WordPress slider plugin from your website. Also, search for more WordPress sliders and carousel plugins that are easily compatible with your WordPress theme. Also, if you wish to have the same plugin with working sliders, you need to connect with the WordPress developers, who can help you fix the code conflicts. 

2. Sliders Stuck at Loading 

Stuck sliders are a big headache. Many times we have experienced visiting a website where the sliders are stuck on the progress bar. Well, the same story can be repeated on your WordPress or WooCommerce site. It means that the WordPress slider isn’t loaded completely. Your website sliders will be stuck with the loading bar, resulting in a lot of business loss. You might like to read about Top In-Demand Animated Slider and Carousel Plugins for WordPress in 2021.

Why Does It Happen?

Generally, these kinds of issues arise when there is an internal conflict of plugins downloaded on your website. Too many plugins are also one of the reasons for the loading failure of sliders. 

How To Fix It?

To fix the issues of stuck sliders on your WordPress website, you need to deactivate all the plugins that are not in use. If still the issue occurs, you can deactivate the regular plugins from the list and check with your WordPress website. If the issue is not arising because of the plugin conflicts, you need to consult a WordPress development company online. 

3. Slider Images Not Displayed Properly

When the WordPress images are not displaying properly on your website, there are issues with the image sizes. Improper image sizes can lead to this kind of issue or conflict on your WordPress website. 

Why Does It Happen?

All the slider plugins don’t work the same. Some slider plugins don’t adjust the images in width or length while displaying it on your WordPress website. It displays the image with the original image dimensions. It leads to poor display of images on the WordPress website. 

How To Fix It?

The first thing you need to solve the WordPress images not displaying properly is editing the image dimensions. It will 99% solve the issues with your current WordPress slider plugin. Also, if the issue continues, you need to connect with a WordPress expert to resolve it. 

4. Non-Responsive WordPress Sliders

Often the website sliders are not working properly on smartphone and iPad view. But when you check it on your desktop, the website sliders look perfect. This kind of issue is known as non-responsive WordPress sliders.

Why Does It Happen?

When you download any WordPress slider plugin from the plugin store, you need to check the features if the plugin is 100% responsive or not. Non-responsive slider plugins will lead to this kind of issue on your WordPress website. 

How To Fix It?

You can either deactivate the plugin and download a fully responsive WordPress plugin from the plugin store or connect with a WordPress developer to resolve the issue technically. If the plugin code is open to editing, the WordPress expert will resolve the issue. 

5. Sliders Issuing the Website Speed

Many times the website speed slows down after installing the slider plugin for WordPress. It may lead to many issues in the future as your visitors will leave your website and switch to the competitor due to annoying website speed. 

Why Does It Happen?

Poorly designed plugins are not speed-friendly with your WordPress website. Downloading and installing it can lead to a lot of speed issues on your website. 

How To Fix It?

We recommend deactivating the plugin and downloading the most versatile WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel from the WordPress store that delivers excellent speed compatibility. 

WordPress Website Owners, Don’t Miss Reading This!

WordPress is a hub of amazing plugins and themes. Well, when you are downloading any plugin from the WordPress store, always check the reviews. Checking the previous comments or reviews will keep you aware of the issues that the plugin creates. It will help you prevent the issues and guide you to download the best WordPress plugin. 

Whether your current WordPress images are not loading or the slider is not working properly, you can connect with WordPress experts online to resolve the issue. They will guide you with the best professional advice and solutions for your poorly working slider plugins.

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