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WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider – Best Logo Slider Plugin For WordPress

Logos offer quick visual brand recognition which is something very important for a business. When sceptical visitors, while visiting your website for the very first time see logos of your clients, partners, sponsors, brands on your site, they start to trust your website a bit. It’s like walking into a random party and coming across people you know; you immediately start finding the party interesting and worth being a part of.

So it becomes essential for a business to show the world how trustworthy they can be. And the best way to do that is to showcase your partners, the brands you’re connected with, using a logo slider/carousel.

If you’re going to use a logo slider for your website, why not use the best one out there on WordPress which is WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider

So what is WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider?

WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider is one of the leading and most popular logo slider plugins that helps your website display single or multiple carousel sliders of logos such as client logo, sponsor logo slider, partner’s logo slider etc with a quick and easy set-up.

This makes it easy for customers to see what brands your business is associated with. For example, WP Engine uses a logo slider to display and showcase some of their biggest customers & brands it works with.

With more than 50,000+ active installations and more than 500,000 overall installations WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider has been the most preferred logo slider plugin by WordPress users for its excellent functionality, elegant designs and styles, reliability and performance.

But why should you prefer WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider?

If there’s one thing successful businesses have in common, it’s the use of clients, partners logos on their sites. Logos inspire and implant trust in your brand and your customers fee. You’re indirectly telling your potential customers, “trust us because they these brands did! “.

With our WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider, you can easily showcase your client, customer, affiliates sponsors, brands or partners logos on your site. You can use this plugin to create professional and aesthetic logo sliders and place them anywhere on your website. It displays your client/partner logo in many different styles with beautiful designs. Some classifications of the logos slider based on your website/business.

  • Blog Website: Shows Partners & Affiliates Logos
  • Corporate Website: Shows Partners & Clients Logos
  • E-Commerce: Shows merchants and Brands Logos
  • Portfolio Website: Shows Client Logos

Get to know the best logo sliders for your WordPress website

Features included in this plugin

  • Display Client logo carousel in slider view
  • Enable center mode (Shown in Demo)
  • Customise the slider sliding speed control, autoplay interval, navigation, pagination, slide columns for logo slider, number of logos at a time.
  • Ability to display slider in Loop
  • Display unlimited client logo showcase according to category
  • Add external/internal link for images
  • Display logo including/excluding Title (Show or hide logo title)
  • Multiple logo sliders can be shown from different logo categories
  • Slider lazy loading your images which can improve your website speed by only calling on the loading of your images when they are needed

Opting in for the premium version of WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider will give you the control over its premium features which can provide you with wide options, improved designs and templates to play with according to your desires and requirements.

We have bundled the premium version of WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider and 50+ other premium utility plugins, expert marketing and security tools in our Essential Plugin Bundle which can be very beneficial for your every website requirements.

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Benefits of using our WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider on your website:

WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider is the most preferred plugin to display your supporter’s logos in the most professional and presentable way. It will be very beneficial to use

1) Drawing Customers Attention: Scrolling images or Brand slider is an extremely effective and powerful way to draw the customers and their attention towards your seriousness and dedication towards your business and to publicize the brands that are either supporting or sponsoring you.

2) Easy to Represent: With a logo slider, it becomes easier to represent all the details of the brands and logo images. Without much effort the visitors can have a look at all the brands images that support your business making your work quite simpler.

3) Increases Brand Trust: A visitor coming across your website for the very first time when witnessing the brands that are supporting you, a trust is subconsciously instilled inside the mind making your website/business more reliable and trustworthy.

When you’re letting your customers know about your company’s supporters, affiliates, partners, sponsors; you’re being transparent with them about your services increasing trust and loyalty in them.

4) Unlimited Logo Display: Whether you have two or twenty logos, you can display them all with a logo slider since space isn’t a concern. You can have the control over deciding how many logos you want to display simultaneously in a slider.

5) Centre Mode: Our centre mode will help you to highlight the active logo in the centre with a beautiful design.

6) Display Logos Responsively: With a logo slider, you can keep your logos organized and ensure that your design looks great and works smoothly on any device.

How to install and activate WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider on your website?

Displaying partners logos on your website is a basic need of every website. Our plugin is created with a custom post type and also works with shortcodes, making our logo slider extremely user-friendly & easy for everyone to set-up and use as it functions exactly like the WordPress POSTS section.

Checkout the below link for complete guide on how to install and setup our WP Logo Slideshow Responsive Slider

Before you start using WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider

Before you dive into creating a WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider, there are few things that you should keep in mind:

1) Choosing a Prominent Location: Placing the logo slider at the right place would make an effective change in how visitors view your website. You should place your logo slider somewhere where the visitors spend their maximum time and attention. Some ideal locations are your homepage, product/services pages, and About page.

2. Manual vs Auto-Scroll: Do you want your visitors to manually advance through your logos using left/right arrows, dots underneath the slider, swiping on mobile? or Do you want the logos to scroll automatically? Our plugin lets you choose between manual scrolling and auto-scrolling of logos whichever fits well with your website.

3. Control Other Settings: There are many other design and configuration settings you can take control over, including the size of your logo slider, any animations, responsive design, navigation, Slider sliding speed, Autoplay interval, pagination, Slide columns for Logo slider etc.

With all these features and much more, WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider is everything you need in a responsive, highly customisable, features loaded, reliable and device friendly logo slider plugin. You can also get this plugin as well as our other plugins in Essential Plugin Bundle which you can download for absolutely free.