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Masonry Add-on: WP News and Scrolling Widgets

If your website is running on WordPress, you have great advantages over other platforms. WP is the most popular blogging and website platform that allows you to control the content on your website without any professional help. WPOnlineSupport is a renowned WordPress plugin and widget development company in India with hundreds of its clients worldwide.

The News WordPress Plugin

There are many websites and blogs that require news to be integrated in order to keep their content up and running. Also, in some cases, displaying the latest news becomes mandatory for the webmasters as they are into media and want to keep pace with the current happenings.

WPOnlineSupport develops WordPress plugins that are loaded with features and are user-friendly. Thousands of downloads have happened for each plugin developed by the company because of its eye-catching UI that render great UX.

Masonry Add-On: WP News and Widgets

This special customized WP news and widgets plugin developed by WPOnlineSupport sets you free from all worries of updating and sharing news on your website. With just a few clicks, you can display the news on your site so that the visitors can stay longer on the page and the ranking of the page can be improved.

Features of the Plugin:

As with other WordPress plugins by WPOnlineSupport, Masonry Add-on: WP News and Widget also comes with loaded features that can make your website mesmerizing to all the visitors. Here are a few to list them:

  • Jetpack sharing is possible. Add great flexibility and scalability to your website through this feature.
  • The makers give you more than ten masonry designs to choose from. This makes your website a never-boring place for you and visitors
  • Ajax loading makes this plugin lite so that it does not put any load on your server
  • You can limit the displaying of the posts in numbers
  • Masonry effects to make your website beautiful and attractive
  • You can also select the news category wise
  • You can put a ‘read more’ link to the news
  • The plugin gives you the flexibility to include or exclude multiple news posts
  • 100% multi-lingual support
  • News post order ASC or DESC
  • Fully responsive design so that you provide the same experience to the visitor
  • Custom CSS editor to further customize the plugin

With these features, WordPress plugin for news can do wonders on your website. Install it now and see the best positive change in retaining the visitors.