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WP Testimonial with Widget

testimonial with Widget

WordPress (WP) has been the most successful platform for websites and blogs. With the latest development in the technology, it has even grown further. Customized WordPress plugins and themes for your business can do wonders for your website as they can bring quality traffic to your site. WPOnlineSupport is a renowned WordPress development company in India and is into making quality and feature rich plugins and widgets tailored to anyone’s business needs.

While the company has developed many useful plugins, WP Testimonial with Widget is its one of the unique most products.

What is it?

WP Testimonial with Widget can help you add and display testimonials in a quicker and easier way. Clients’ testimonials serve as a catalyst to your website’s ranking. Word-of-mouth marketing is always better than any other marketing tactics, and that is a fact. Integrating clients’ testimonies is like adding icing to the cake. WP OnlineSupport’s this plugin simply makes things easier to add and manage those important things. You can simply use a shortcode or a widget to make things happen!

Why should you have it?

Today, due to social media rage, people tend to check the experiences of users for any product or services. That said, your product or service selling much depend on users’ verdicts. If you run CMS website, you need to show your clients’ testimonials so that others can go through it and decide to avail your services.

How does it happen?

Customized WordPress plugins can do wonders! WP Testimonial with Widget is a very useful product by WPOnlineSupport. It is easy to use. This plugin enables you adding a testimonial through WP-admin without any difficulties. This is something like adding a ‘post’ to your website. You can publish clients’ testimonials with no hassle.


Amazing features

You don’t need to hire a WordPress developer for such trivial thing as WP Testimonial with Widget can do it without any professional help. It has amazing features as mentioned below:

  • More than 20 designs to choose from. You never get bored of them!
  • Utterly responsive design. This gives the same look-and-feel to your users.
  • Easy-to-fill testimonial front-end form. No complexity, so everyone will use it
  • Slider RTL support
  • Display testimonials by categories
  • Hide/show the slider pagination arrows. Less space, more content!
  • You can decide upon the slider autoplay and speed intervals
  • Change avatar, show ratings, and display job and company’s name

WPOnlineSupport believes in getting you the best of customized WordPress plugins tailored to your business. Download it now and experience the difference.