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Your Comprehensive Guide to Email Subscription Popups

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to promote your website even today.

A few years ago when mobile marketing, social media, and SEO optimization entered the marketing arena, there was an apprehension around email marketing- whether or not it will be relevant any longer? 

But guess what, email marketing never lost its relevance, and numbers vouch for it. 

A study suggests that more than 54 percent of marketers still consider email marketing as the top tool as opposed to the other marketing mediums.

In fact, in a survey, more than 58 percent of companies admitted that they are looking to increase their email marketing budget. 

Email popups for WordPress increase the visibility of the signup forms and they will not be lost. In fact, they will capture the attention of your targeted audience. Popups for email subscriptions come with plenty of targeting and segmentation options.

You can even send push notifications with messages and discount offers that increase the chances of more and more customers joining your email list. Don’t miss out to read our blog about The Best Email List Building Tools for Online Business Growth.

The average conversion rate of email capture popups was found at around 3.75 percent when a survey was carried out on big-sized eCommerce stores. 

So, since we are speaking about the importance of email marketing and how effective it is, we cannot forget to discuss the best email subscribe popups. 

The Best Email Subscribe Popups:

1. Optinmonster 


One of the most popular email subscription popups out there is- Optinmonster. 

The plugin helps elevate your marketing plans as you can leverage enterprise-level features to capture more leads and increase your revenue by a significant margin. You can create enticing popup forms, email subscription forms, and spin-a-wheel forms. 

The best part of using Optinmonster is that you can create interactive popups in just a few minutes. 

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2. PopUp Anything 

Popup Anything - A Marketing Popup
Popup Anything – A Marketing Popup

If you are looking for a revolutionary popup for email subscriptions, then PopUp Anything by Essential Plugin is the one to go for. There is a reason that the WooCommerce world goes gaga about this fantastic email popup for WordPress. 

Strengthen your marketing strategy with lightbox functionality apart from scroll boxes, exit-intent detection, floating bars, and advanced page-level targeting. 

You can display anything on the popups including images, links, and buttons. The list of features of PopUp Anything is extremely vast. You will also find 9 positions with 7 mesmerizing effects that allow you to create conversion-oriented popups in a few minutes. The best part of using this plugin is that you can insert shortcodes, HTML, and images to name a few. 

Create enticing offers and also run A/B testing with sheer ease by installing PopUp Anything- the most reliable email subscription popup

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3. Rafflepress 

If you are looking for a perfect giveways plugin, then Rafflepress is the one to go for. It is the plugin you missed all this while and why do we say so?

By creating powerful giveways, you can grow your email list without having to code things yourself. So, if you are a WordPress user, Rafflepress is your go-to plugin for hosting giveways. It enables you to set the entry actions, include social media channels and also capture fresh leads. 

To do this, you can also give your participants multiple entries in exchange of newsletter subscription. 

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4. Optinly 

Create phenomenally beautiful and responsive popups in a jiffy and there are more than 10 growth goals. As an eCommerce business, if cart abandonment is one of the woes you want to get rid of, this is the plugin you should opt for right away. 

The plugin comes loaded with more than 60 pop-up templates and you can kick start your popup campaign in just a few minutes. 

The best part of using Optinly is that you do not need to have coding skills to use it. It has a neat and engaging UI and allows you to connect with more than 16 ESPs and Webhooks seamlessly. 

There is an inbuilt popup editor to customize the popups your way. You can even add links and change the background color. Visitor redirection is also one of the main functionalities of this popup email subscription plugin. 

Wish to get detailed insights to make your strategy even more robust? There is an analytics dashboard to see the number of clicks and conversions. You can even export the leads data in the form of a CSV file. It is a perfect popup builder for beginners and advanced users.

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The Final Word: Email marketing is a proven lead generation tactic to boost sales and to take it to another level you need a remarkable popup newsletter WordPress plugin. The good news is that there are myriads of options at your disposal and if you strategize properly, you will see amazing outcomes transforming your marketing strategy forever.

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