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Top 8 WordPress Slider Plugins for 2021

Have you observed sliders while checking out a website?

Do you think sliders are the first website elements to attract a user?

Sliders are the best way to display any highlighted service or product on your website or landing page. 

Technically slick slider is a slide show that is a revolving carousel. The slider content is selected precisely as it displays the most crucial text or image to attract customers. 

How does a website have attractive sliders? 

How are sliders placed?

Let’s talk about it in detail. 

All About Slider Plugins

Slider plugins help websites to display the slides on websites, landing pages, or blogs. Various WordPress slider plugins make WordPress websites more exciting and engaging at the display. Installing these slick slider plugins will help in catching more attention from your visitors. 

Let’s talk about the best WordPress slider plugins.

1. WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider

Often, websites need to display the logos of their partners, sponsors, associates, and dealers on their websites. For the same, they usually pay a good amount of money to the website developer. And mostly, it ends up with a compromising design. 

With the WP logo slider WordPress plugin, the website owner can select from the available templates and display the logos professionally. It is one of the best WordPress slider plugins because:

  • It helps display client/partner logos with grid, slider, center mode, filter, ticker, and list layout options. 
  • Nevertheless, the slider is highly responsive, and it adapts to various screen sizes such as iPad, laptop/desktop, or smartphones. 
  • Worried about SEO optimization? These sliders are optimized for SEO too!

2. WP Responsive Recent Post Slider

When you require a slick slider plugin for displaying the recent blog or post, you must consider installing the WP Responsive Recent Post Slider. It is one of the most trending WordPress slider plugins offering a lot of elements. Let’s check the same!

  • Websites can be more attractive by displaying recent posts with stunning slider designs. 
  • Just a shortcode and your websites can quickly build up post sliders.
  • Your website’s homepage or blog page can be made more engaging by allowing the visitors to know about the most recent articles or videos. 
  • The slider designs are highly customizable. 
  • Responsive, slick sliders, and SEO optimized.

3. Woo Product Slider and Carousel with Category

With 8 unique layouts and 50+ awesome designs, Woo Product Slider and Carousel is one of the best WordPress slider plugins for eCommerce. Sliding your products becomes fun with this awesome product slick slider plugin. 

  • Helps in featuring your upcoming or newly launched products
  • Displays products with the latest offers 
  • Grid layout display
  • Sale and regular price product slider plugins
  • Integrated with most popular WordPress theme or page builders

4. WP Team Showcase and Slider

Business websites or company websites have a team page or slider to showcase the important team members. For the same, WP team showcase and slider proves as one of the best WordPress slider plugins. It is wisely chosen for the following reasons.

  • Displaying team members with unique layouts and designs
  • Slider and grid layout options
  • 25+ stunning team slider designs 
  • Add bio, description, and skills of each team member right below the image 
  • Quite user-friendly slick slider plugin
  • Add to your favorite WordPress themes

5. Post Category Image with Grid and Slider

Image categories need to be displayed stunningly, especially when you have a product or photography website. By installing the Post Category Image with Grid and Slider, you can deliver your website with 10+ awesome designs. The rest elements are as follows.

  • Get both grid and slider options
  • Select both custom as well as post categories 
  • Upload images for post categories
  • Works well with all your favorite WordPress themes

6. Meta Slider and Carousel with LightBox

Meta slider is one of the most trending slider plugin designs. Websites often have meta sliders to have you get a complete carousel view of your various contents. With 15+ exclusive designs, WP Meta Slider and Carousel with Lightbox is one of the best WordPress slider plugins for WordPress sites. 

  • Build an engaging communication with your website visitors using the meta slider with lightbox
  • Choose from 5 unique layouts and 15+ stunning meta slider designs
  • Make your image gallery more creative by adding posts with images or photos
  • Change your post order with a simple drag and drop option
  • Get slider, carousel, and variable-width settings 

One of the most common methods to display company content is via slick sliders. WP Featured Content and Slider is one of the best WordPress slider plugins for displaying company features or USP. 

Wondering what you get?

  • 3 unique layout options
  • 20+ stunning slider plugin designs
  • Displaying content becomes attractive with fully responsive touch-based sliders
  • Compatible with all your favorite WordPress themes
  • Drag and drop post-order change with feature-rich UI

8. WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel 

The best WordPress slider plugins like WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel offer website owners to choose from 90+ ready-made designs. With 20k+ installs, the WP slick slider plugin is one of the most trending image post sliders for WordPress. 

  • 5 awesome slick slider layouts to choose 
  • 8 arrow designs
  • 12 pagination designs 
  • Fully responsive touch-based slick sliders
  • Compatible with famous WordPress themes and page builders
  • The content display is genuinely interactive and versatile 

Choosing From The Best WordPress Slider Plugins

So finally, your website can choose from those mentioned above top eight WordPress plugin sliders that will help your personal, business, or eCommerce website with a stunning content slideshow. Essential Plugin has designed more than 50+ WordPress plugins for enhancing the engagement and interaction of your website or blog page. Choosing their Essential Bundle Pack will help you get a combo of the best utility plugins with sliderspack and inbound content marketing elements.