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Why Should You Use Smart Slider 3?

There is a huge plugin library to expand the functionality of the site if you require additional features. There are numerous well-liked plugin categories, including slider, gallery, menu, and cache plugins.

I’d like to introduce WordPress Smart Slider 3 to all Cloudways users in this article. Installing and using the plugin with confidence is all that is required for it to operate successfully on the Cloudways Platform. If you’re interested in finding out more, see this blog about using Smart Slider 3 in a Cloudways hosting environment.

At the WordPress Plugin Directory, Smart Slider is the top-rated free slider plugin with more than 300 reviews, the majority of which are 5-star. The user interface is lovely and simple to use, and it takes only a little while to construct sliders. Smart Slider 3 offers a premium edition in addition to the free version.

It provides a tonne of fresh and practical features to let you build the slider of your dreams. Simple picture sliders and layer sliders with a variety of effects are also possible to construct. You can choose from a variety of navigational options for each slider. The most often used components are the fully configurable arrows and bullets.

Here Are The Most Often-Used Components:

1. Many Slider Types for Various Requirements

There are five different slider kinds available in Smart Slider 3: Basic, Showcase, Carousel, Block, and Accordion. The most popular full-width slider and whole page slider may both be made using the Basic type, which is the most used slider type.

The Block type is somewhat comparable, although it’s more of a chunk of your website than a slider. You will be able to construct whole landing pages using these sections. 

2. Responsiveness and quickness

Because website users dislike waiting a long time for things to load, people love to have quick websites. One of the swiftest sliders on the market is Smart Slider If your photographs are too large, it features a feature that can automatically resize them.

The lazy loading feature allows you to load a small number of slides at a time when you have many slides. In order to save your mobile users from having to load large photos, you can also choose device-specific background graphics. 

The responsiveness of the slider is the other crucial factor to consider. Currently, the majority of individuals browse on their small-screen smartphones. To provide your mobile users with the best experience, your site must be responsive.

For creating your slider content, Smart Slider 3 provides two different editing modes. The slider behaves like a page builder when using the newest editing mode, Content mode. Moreover, the Canvas mode offers total layer flexibility.

3. Wide Range of Layers

The fantastic layers of Smart Slider 3 are abundant for creating your content. Six of the 22 layers in the PRO edition are also included in the free version. Basic layers include heading, text, button, and picture layers. Also, the slider features unique layers such as counters, a YouTube, Vimeo, or a video layer.

Each layer is entirely customizable and has its own settings. For instance, there are numerous settings for the header layer, one of the most used layers. You can alter the font’s family, size, weight, and italicization. For SEO purposes, you can also modify the layer’s tag (from h1 to h6 or a div).

Speaking about SEO, search engines may easily crawl all of the texts you enter into the slider. You can enter an alt text for each image-related layer, which also benefits your SEO.

4. Animated Slide Creators

Have you ever thought about making a slider with your most recent blog posts? Generally, it’s a difficult task to do, and a lot of copy-pasting is probably involved. Because of the duplicate content that results, you must keep it in two places. Dynamic content generators, a feature of Smart Slider 3, were a very helpful solution to this issue.

These generators can produce slides from the chosen categories of your blog entries. When a post is published, you don’t need to continuously add new slides and copy-paste the articles’ content. The dynamic slide generator has more uses than just creating a slider from your blog content.

5. Slide Library and Slider Templates

It takes some time to become familiar with new software once you have it in your possession. We are aware of how valuable time is and how convenient it is to use your new program fast. As a result, we have built a sizable library of template sliders that include ready-to-use examples.

For simpler navigation, it is organized into a number of categories. There are more than 100 slides, so you’re bound to find something you enjoy. The nicest thing is that you can alter all sliders with a single click after importing them.

Even if all you need is a slide template without a slider, Smart Slider 3 has you covered. There is a slide collection that has slides created with a specific goal in mind. The slides can also be purchased as part of a theme kit. Orion, the sole theme kit at the moment, provides slides in eight different categories. The slides are available in both light and dark versions. 

For example, you can browse the Header category if you need a header slide. You can read through the Testimonial category to learn how to make a nice-looking testimonial slider. For operators of online shops, the product category would be extremely helpful.

6. Incredible Animations and Effects

There are numerous well-liked and impressive effects accessible. They’ll assist you in designing gorgeous sliders and blocks that will wow your site visitors. The Ken Burns effect, which pans and zooms your photographs, is one of the most used effects for this purpose. The parallax effect is an optical illusion that is based on a straightforward concept.

The parallax graphics scroll on the page at a different rate than the rest of the page does. The illusion of depth created by this discrepancy looks fantastic on any page. Both the background pictures and the layers have access to it. When your images change, beautiful backdrop animations also appear. 

A sophisticated layer animation builder included with the slider enables you to design any type of layer animation. There are many readymade animations available, but if you need a place to start, this is the finest.

A highly useful feature is the ability to save your own animation for usage at a later time. Oh, and the most significant thing is that a lovely timeline can be used to handle these layer animations.

7. Easily Accessible on Four Platforms

Most slider plugins are only accessible through WordPress. Some plugins may also have a Joomla version available. Due to its compatibility with four distinct platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, HTML, and Magento, Smart Slider 3 stands out from the competition. The best aspect is that moving your sliders from one platform to another is simple.


A great slider is Smart Slider 3. Many features are available, some of which may be found in other slider plugins and others that are not. The ready-to-use slider templates, in my opinion, provide both novice and experienced users with a place to start.

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