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7 Popular WordPress Post Plugins to Attract Visitors

WordPress is all about writing and sharing new posts. 

Be it a business website or an eCommerce website, you always have something relevant or trending to display on your webpage to attract visitors.

In short, you need to display the WordPress popular posts for enhancing user engagement. 

So, how will you do it on your WordPress website?

Well, quite simple and easy- you can display the popular or trending posts on your WordPress website with the help of the WordPress post plugin. Not sure, what’s that? Here is a quick introduction to WordPress’s popular widgets and plugins for displaying posts.

What is a WordPress Post Plugin?

WordPress has different types of plugins and popular widgets for helping the website owner in increasing the overall user engagement and performance of the website.

The WordPress post plugins are designed to display the latest posts of your website with highlights. It helps gather maximum attention from the users for the recently released blogs, news, or posts on your website. 

In short, you can also highlight your WordPress daily post using the WordPress post plugin to cater to maximum traffic on the particular post or link.

Considering SEO’s point of view, having the WordPress post plugins can help you gather attraction for the posts you wish to highlight or market amongst the audience. 

Why Does Your Website Need it?

Having a website isn’t enough for gathering traffic. There have to be little tweaks on your website to attract visitors. The WordPress post plugins and popular widgets are ways to help your visitors read the blogs or news or posts that you want them to read. It will reflect those posts as trending posts and gather their attraction. 

Imagine you are running an SEO for a particular offer or product on your website. Highlighting the post on your website using the popular posts widget can increase your traffic and help you generate leads easily.

In short, it helps in serving the clients with what you want them to read or observe on your website. 

Popular WordPress Post Plugins for Attracting Visitors

Attracting visitors to your website is highly important to generate leads and conversion. Our WordPress experts have picked the best seven WordPress post plugins to make your choice easier.

1. WP Responsive Post Slider

When your website needs to display the popular posts and news in different layouts and styles without missing the benefit of responsiveness, you need to download Post Slider WordPress Plugin from Essential Plugin.

The popular widget plugin helps display all your website’s recent and popular posts in carousel and slider designs. It offers four different layouts with 60+ designs to help you pick the right one for attracting your website visitors.

The above image shows that all your website posts can be displayed in various styles and layouts. Below are some of the reasons for choosing WP Responsive Post Slider above other WordPress popular post plugins.

  • 4  unique Layouts with 60+ designs
  • 25 Designs Recent Post Slider
  • 30 Designs Recent Post Carousel
  • 8 Designs for grid box post slider
  • 3 types of Widgets (Post slider and list)
  • Drag & Drop Post Order Change
  • High Compatibility With WordPress Themes

2. Trending Post Slider and Widget

When you have different posts or blogs on your website and are willing to show the most trending or popular one on your website’s post section- you need to get the WordPress Trending Post Slider Plugin from the Essential Plugin. It helps in displaying the WordPress popular posts with great style and design. 

Using the plugin, website owners can display both popular and featured posts of their website in great style. You get both grid and slider designs to choose from for displaying the trending posts of your website. Below are some of the exclusive features.

  • 20 designs with grid and grid box layout
  • 20 designs with slider and carousel layout
  • Featured post display
  • Trending post display 
  • 6 widget support
  • Widget in the slider, vertical scroll & block layout

3. WordPress Popular Posts

WordPress Popular Posts is one of the most trending customizable plugins for displaying your popular WordPress posts. It has got exclusive features to help you showcase the most popular news and posts on your website.

Here is the image below that helps you understand how your popular read section will look after downloading the WordPress popular post plugin. 

The WordPress Popular Posts widget

The essential features of the plugin include custom post-type support, statistics dashboard, custom themes, sorting options, and thumbnails. 

4. Post Category Image with Grid and Slider

Sometimes it is just about posts, while sometimes, you need to display the various popular post categories to attract visitors. In this case, you need the Post Category Image with Grid and Slider from the Essential Plugin. 

Website owners can display the most popular post categories in two different layouts and available 10+ design options. It helps your visitors to get attracted to the essential post categories, thereby helping your trending posts to get more views and traffic. Here is an image to help you understand how your post categories are showcased after activating this category plugin.

Let’s talk about the top-end features of using this category and the recent posts plugin on your WordPress website. 

  • Get both grid and slider layout for displaying the categories
  • Enjoy using the 10 beautiful designs
  • Select post category or custom category as per your requirement 
  • It offers the option to upload images for post categories
  • High compatibility with popular WordPress themes
  • Showcase categories with slider autoplay and speed interval
  • 100% responsive category sliders 
  • Hide or show the pagination arrows 

5. Relevant- Related, Featured, Latest, and Popular Posts

Relevant is one of the most trending WordPress post plugins for displaying the most relevant, featured, trending, popular or latest post on your WordPress website. It offers customization to showcase popular posts widgets with style. 

Here is an image to help you understand how the showcased posts will attract visitors to your website. 

Let’s talk about some of the best features, including changing display positions, using different Shortcodes for posts and images, post display options as per category and tags/title, customization for feature images, etc. 

6. Blog Designer- Post and Widget

A blog page is one of the most important landing pages of your website, and it helps in displaying the various blogs or articles that your team has been publishing for years. The blog page has too much clutter, which needs a proper display and customization, for which the WordPress Blog Designer Post Plugin plugin works the best. 

Here are some of the important reasons for choosing Blog Designer- Post and Widget on your WordPress website. 

  • Get 50 designs for blog post grid layout
  • Get 45 designs for blog post slider/carousel layout
  • Get 24 designs for blog post masonry layout
  • Get 25+ designs for blog post list, grid box, and grid box slider layout
  • Get the custom link for the blog post
  • Custom css editor 
  • Slider autoplay and speed interval
  • Blog ticker feature with 100% responsiveness 

7. Top 10 – Popular posts plugin for WordPress

When displaying popular blog or news posts becomes crucial for any website, you need to download the Top 10- Popular posts plugin for WordPress. It helps your website showcase the popular posts and displays the view count, and accordingly arranges the most popular posts on your website. 

Let’s talk about the essential features of the WordPress popular post plugin. 

  • Beautiful post display
  • Page counter
  • View counts
  • Gutenberg/Block editor support
  • Shortcodes
  • Thumbnail support
  • Widget ready
  • Admin interface
  • Extendable code


While showcasing your website’s essential or featured or popular posts, all the WordPress Plugins mentioned above can help you attract visitors. Also, the seven WordPress post plugins mentioned here are available for both free and premium versions, and you can always take a trial before subscribing to the premium version. 

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