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What is Pagination in WordPress? Unveiling 5 Best WordPress Pagination Plugins

Pagination is one of the most common features in WordPress today. 

With pagination, the distribution of the posts, images, or content can be done easily and systematically. 

It breaks down the posts or content into different page parts, thereby helping the website visitor scroll the new posts followed by the old ones. 

Since we all are using WordPress, we have been familiar with different pages of a standard website, including the home page, blog page, features or service page, about us page, etc. WordPress blogs have a default pagination button; for which we find the post ending with a pagination button that says ‘Previous Post’ or ‘Next Post’. 

This is technically called page navigation. 

The best WordPress pagination plugins help you with systematic and customized pagination for your WordPress posts or images.

Before that, let’s get it clear on What Pagination is!

What is Pagination in WordPress?

WordPress pagination is technically designed to help your visitors in locating the pages easily and quickly. No website can locate all the data on a single page. Hence, the distribution of data is important; but systematic. 

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WordPress numbered pagination locates the data with different page numbers, thereby helping visitors visit the respective page from the numbered pages. In more simple words, pagination in WordPress refers to dividing the content into various pages and then labeling the pages with numbers or tags. 

5 Best WordPress Pagination Plugins

WordPress plugin directory has more than 55K plugins for download. WordPress numbered pagination plugins are one of them. Let’s talk about the top five WordPress plugins enabling pagination. 

This plugin is an extension to WP PageNavi. If you have downloaded it, you must download this exclusive pagination styling plugin. 

WP PageNavi Addon

When only WordPress numbered pagination isn’t enough for your website, you need to download Styles for WP PageNavi – Addon from Essential Plugin.

Downloading the plugin, you get access to 20+ new layouts and 4 exclusive designs for displaying your posts or blogs via pagination. It helps add links to numbers or alphabets for the older or newer posts that you wish to paginate. 

2. WP- PageNavi

WP – PageNavi is a free WordPress numbered pagination plugin with 1M+ downloads. It is an easy-to-use pagination plugin helping WordPress owners to label their pages and posts. 

Apart from page numbered labeling, the plugin also helps with custom styling navigation. It is one of the most popular WordPress navigation plugins, especially for labeling your WordPress blogs.

3. WooCommerce Infinite Scroll & Ajax Pagination

Well, only blog posts don’t require effective numbered pagination. Pagination is also needed for products and images on an eCommerce website.

If your WooCommerce website has issues in displaying the different products on a single page, you must choose WooCommerce Infinite Scroll. The plugin allows you to keep the default load more button, converting it into Ajax pagination for easy scrolling of products or images on your eCommerce website. 

Nevertheless, downloading this WordPress pagination plugin will help to enhance your product display speed, thereby boosting your store sales. 

4. WP- Paginate

WordPress pagination

When you need seamless navigation of posts or content on your WordPress website, you must trust WP- Paginate.

 This amazing WordPress numbered pagination plugin offers grey, modern grey, and blue pagination buttons to help with engaging navigation. The site owner can try these options or styles for helping their visitors with easy access to numbered pagination. 

5. Alphabetic Pagination

When you want something extraordinary with WordPress pagination, you can choose the Alphabetic Pagination plugin. It helps to navigate the pages with alphabetic labels. You can also select language for setting the alphabetic pagination, which is an addon for business websites. 

Nevertheless, the plugin is compatible with WooCommerce; hence it can help your eCommerce store with alphabetic pagination. In short, if you think that numbers have bored your visitors with the navigation experience, you can create some engagement with alphabetic labels. 

Choosing the Best WordPress Pagination Plugin

Well, WP PageNavi is one of the most-used WordPress numbered pagination plugins across the internet. But, when you wish to add some customization for making the WordPress pagination more engaging, you need to download an addon pagination plugin. Installing Styles for WP PageNavi as an addon can do wonders to your blogging or eCommerce website. 

WordPress plugins directory has more pagination plugins that can help you enhance the extendibility of your existing pagination plugin.  Exploring different ideas for website engagement is a fabulous thing for increasing customer experience. So, keep trying!

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