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Countdown Timer Ultimate

Included in Essential Plugin Bundle

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Countdown Timer Ultimate

Included in Essential Plugin Bundle

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Advantages of WordPress Countdown Timer Plugin:

  • Multi-purpose countdown timer that allows you to create urgency that drives clicks, increases sales, and highlights upcoming events or deadlines.
  • Create Scheduled, Evergreen, Recurring and simple countdown timer within 3 minutes.
  • Multi-layout timer with custom color setting that will fit with your website design.
  • Simple and user friendly UI and interface.
  • Ability to use on pages/posts and widgets.
  • Check Countdown Timer Plugin Pro Demo

Countdown easier, simpler and beautiful.

The visitors who visit your website through navigational query would come across such a beautiful WordPress countdown plugin and will not feel bored.

  • 10+ clock style
  • Clock expiry time functionality
  • Integrated with E-commerce
  • Adjustable circle clock width
  • Clock Background color functionality
  • Clock animation
  • Compatible with WordPress themes

We have given the option to add background color OR Image OR use without background color/image.

You can use it as CountDown for WebSites, Events and Product launch or as expiry date for Offers and Discounts. The Plugin also works with WooCommerce and EDD coupons and you can display coupons expiry date.

Countdown Timer Ultimate is a simple, clean and fully responsive mobile friendly WordPress plugin.

Why Choose

Countdown Timer Ultimate

13 Type Of Styles

WordPress Countdown Timer Plugin comes with Circle, Simple Clock, Vertical Flip, Horizontal Flip, Round Clock, Bar Clock, Night Clock, Modern Clock etc…

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Default Timer/Fixed Countdown Timer

A Fixed Countdown Timer lets you display a timer with the respective time, year, month, and days to create and increase a sense of eagerness and anticipation to the website visitors and product buyers. Use this countdown to announce special offers, urgency, and scarcity of events for a specific time and date.

If you are planning an offer for any of current ****events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas or New Year, a Fixed Countdown Timer can be really helpful.

Scheduled Timer

The Scheduled Timer lets you schedule a timer for an event that is going to take place on a particular time, date, year so that the countdown timer starts running on that scheduled date and time. This type of timer requires a start day and time plus an Expiry Date & Time.

Scheduled Timer requires the users to set a start day and time and also the Expiry date and time for the timer to start and end accordingly.

Planning on giving an offer for Black Friday, New Year, Cyber Monday, or any festive discounts with a determined date and timer of the offer? Scheduled Timer is what you will be needing for that.

Recurring Timer

Get your website to display a recurring timer for your desired events with a specific date and time so that with the expiration of the event, the timer will start again with the starting of the event as per the set date and time. Recurring Timer is an optimum solution for the users who don’t want to set the timer again after the completion as you would not require to set the timer for the recurring event in certain intervals.

For example, you provide huge discounts and deals on your products on Christmas and this event repeats every year so by setting up a Recurring Timer, it would automatically start the timer during Christmas every year without you caring ab. Recurring Timer also allows you to set the predefined time duration of the timer as to when it will start and when the timer will collapse automatically.

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Evergreen Timer

Evergreen Countdown Timer lets you display an exclusive timer for the users based on their browser cookies. It’s an effective way to set up an urgency for any exclusive offer or deal.

With Evergreen timer, you can display exciting deals and discounts exclusively to the website visitors visiting your landing page/website based on setting cookies for individual users to make it look like the deal is extremely exclusive and is about to close.

Got product deals and discounts to be displayed on your website for a limited time individually and exclusively to all the users visiting the web page? The Evergreen Timer would be the perfect timer for it.

Seamless Integration with Your Favorite Page Builders

WordPress Countdown Timer Plugin flawlessly complements your favorite themes like Avada, DIVI etc and page builders like Gutenberg, WPbakery/VC Composer, Siteorigin, Beaver, Elementor etcand is highly compatible with other plugins too for a smooth web development experience.

Most Downloaded In The Category

With a whooping 200,000+ downloads and 20,000+ Active Installs of Countdown Timer Ultimate on

Feature-Rich & Reliable

With our feature studded plugin, you can customize the Countdown Timer Ultimate exactly the way you want and with numerous design options to choose from, you can pick what suits your website best.

All The Awesome Plugin Features

That You Need

With numerous features, designs and styling, Countdown Timer Ultimate gets constantly updated with new and stunning features to enrich your plugin and website experience

10+ clock style
Clock expiry time functionality
Integrated with E-commerce
Adjustable circle clock width
Clock Background color functionality
Flexible background width
Clock animation
Countdown timer width adjustment
Background color
Choose color for day, hour, min, sec individualy
Clock RTL Support
Show/hide timer title
Timer label text color
Timer clock option
Timer Completion text
Code written with WordPress standard
Fully Responsive
100% Multi language
Custom CSS editor

Work with WooCommerce and EDD coupons

Work with WooCommerce and EDD coupons and you can display coupons expiry date.

Crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones)

Circle Countdown Timer
Flip Countdown Timer
Simple Clock Timer



Clock Designs Clock Designs that make your website better 1 12+ (Clock Style)
Shortcodes Shortcode provide output to the front-end side 1 3
Plugin Settings Various Useful Plugin Settings Limited Extended (Background Color, Label Color and etc.)
Clock expiry time functionality Allow expiry time functionality
Works With Server Timezone WordPress server timezone
Timer clock option Extra Timer clock option available
Timer label text color You can change timer label text color
WP Templating Features You can modify plugin html/designs in your current theme.
Schedule Timer You can set schedule timer.
Recurring Timer You can set recurring timer.
Simple Timer Shortcode New simple timer shortcode.
Pre Text Timer Shortcode New pre text timer shortcode.
Completion Text Manage after timer content.
Custom CSS for plugin Plugin related CSS add in settings menu
Clock RTL Support Clock supports for RTL website
Automatic Update Get automatic plugin updates Lifetime Lifetime
Support Get support for plugin Limited 1 Year

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Essential Security for your website.

  • Rename login page.
  • Enable two factor authentication for login screen.
  • Hide WordPress root files.
  • Block XML RPC file to prevent DDos attack.
  • Block access of debug.log file.
  • "Prevent Admin Bar". Now hide admin bar for non authorized users
  • "Prevent Admin Access". Non authorized will no longer to access wp-admin area.
  • "Disallow File Editing". Prevent non authorized users to edit file via WordPress interface.
  • "Login Lockdown" feature. Now log the login activity of each user and block the user after number of failed login attempt.
  • "Iframe Protection" feature. Protect other sites from displaying your website in an iframe.
  • "Copy Protection" feature. Protect website content by right click, page view source and etc.
  • Captcha for WordPress Login and Registration screen.
  • And some more...
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Something for everyone

For something as simple to use and fast as SlidersPack pro, it has a huge number of powerful designs and features. Whether you are someone running a site who wants to make a great first impression with beautiful photos or someone making websites for clients.

20 Designs

SlidersPack Pro comes with 20 designs for Gallery Image as well as for WordPress Posts. You can display WordPress post in beautiful designs with the help of Sliders/Carousels. Plugin is also help full create beautiful image galleries.

10 Sliders/Carousels type plus FancyBox Support

SlidersPack Pro comes with 10 sliders/carousels type plus FancyBox Support with lots options. Also work with WordPress Posts. With SlidersPack you can create your own unique, SEO-optimixed sliders/carousel in a matter of second like meta slider.

View Demo
SlidersPack comes with 3 options:
Gallery Image

Simply select images from your WordPress Media Library, drag and drop them into place, and then set the slide captions, links all from one page.

WordPress Posts

Get posts from WordPress posts section and display them.

ACF Gallery add-on

Get images from ACF Gallery add-on OR ACF Pro(Gallery) and display them in the frontside of your/client website.

10 Sliders/Carousels type

BX Slider

Responsive, Slider/Carousel, Ticker, Horizontal, vertical & fade modes, Space between each slide, Set Starting slide.

FlexSlider 2

Responsive, Slider/Carousel, Horizontal & vertical modes, Two type of animation, Show/Hide thumbnail option, Random start.

Owl Slider 2

Responsive, Slider/Carousel, Center mode, Auto width, Enable Free Drag Mode, Left – Right Padding

Swiper Slider

Responsive, Slider/Carousel, Center mode, Horizontal & vertical modes, Four slider effect, Space between each slide, Show/Hide thumbnail option.

3D Slider

Responsive Carousel with 3d effect, Center mode, Depth, Image overlap position, Rotate image, Stretch.

Wallop Slider

Responsive Slider, Six slider effect and Much more than just a slider

Un Slider

Responsive Slider, Horizontal & vertical modes and is an ultra-simple jQuery slider for your website.


Responsive Slider, slider width, slider height, set start slide, Slide & Fade effect.

Nivo Slider

Responsive, 16 transition effects, slider width, set start slide, random start.

Scatterd-polaroid Gallery

Responsive image gallery slider.

View Demo
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