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SlidersPack – All In One Image Slider

Slideshows are the best way to showcase images or your visual content without taking up a lot of space while displaying links to other posts or pages on your website or external links to other external websites. SlidersPack is one such image slider plugin that provides you with the easiest way to add slideshows to your WordPress website. 

SlidersPack is a free plugin that gives users the ability to create content and/or media slideshows that can be easily inserted into posts, pages, or widgets and even allowing users to display multiple sliders throughout your WordPress site. It brings the availability and customization of a slideshow to any WordPress theme. SlidersPack also has a PRO version available that offers more display features, designs, and greater customization of your sliders.

Sliders Libraries That Are Used In SlidersPack:

Everyone has their favorite JQuery library with WordPress and they try to use them for their website. We have taken care of it and our SlidersPack provides you with the Top 10 JQuery Sliders in SliderPack Plugin. The main reason behind creating the SliderPack Plugin is to save your valuable time and provide you with the best design options. 

  • Flex Slider 2 – Responsive, Slider/Carousel, 2 Transition Effects
  • BXSlider – Responsive, Slider/Carousel, Ticker, Horizontal, Vertical, and Fade Modes
  • Owl Carousel 2 – Responsive, Slider/Carousel, Center and Auto Width Mode
  • Swiper Slider – Responsive, Slider/Carousel, Center, Horizontal, Vertical mode
  • 3D Slider – Responsive Carousel with 3D Effect
  • Wallop Slider – Responsive Slider & Much more than just a slider
  • UnSlider – Responsive Slider & is an ultra-simple jQuery slider for your website
  • Nivo Slider – Responsive, 16 Transition Effects
  • Responsive Slider – Responsive & Incredibly Light Weight
  • Polaroids Gallery – Responsive Image Gallery Slider

With all these options to choose from, you can customize sliders exactly the way you want it to be and make your websites, even more, engaging with unique slider transitions and mode options. 

Usages of SlidersPack:

SlidersPack comes with 3 options
  • Gallery Image: Simply select the required images from your WordPress Media Library, drag and drop them into place, and then set the slide captions, links all from one page.
  • WordPress Posts: Get posts from WordPress posts section and display them.
  • ACF Pro/ACF Gallery add-on Support: Get images from ACF Gallery add-on OR ACF Pro(Gallery).

The major benefit of using this plugin is that it comes with the JQuery FancyBox option which is used for displaying images in popup. It is Touch Enabled, Highly Responsive and Fully Customizable and works with all slider types.

SlidersPack plugin is best for : WordPress Posts Slider, WordPress Posts Carousel, Image Gallery Slider, Image Gallery carousel, Logo Showcase, Logo Ticker, Image Gallery, 3D Slider and many more.

SlidersPack Lite VS SlidersPack PRO: Which One To Choose?

Along with our SlidersPack Lite version plugin, we have created the premium version of this plugin called the Sliderpack Pro with keeping a lot of customization in mind.  

For something as simple to use and fast and reliable as SlidersPack PRO, it has a wide variety of powerful designs and features. Whether you are someone running a site who wants to make a great first impression with beautiful photos or someone making websites for clients.

SlidersPack Pro comes with 20 attractive designs for Gallery Image, ACF Gallery/ACF Pro as well as for WordPress Posts. You can display WordPress posts in beautiful designs with the help of Sliders/Carousels. You can also create beautiful image galleries using this plugin.

SliderPack PRO VS MetaSlider PRO

There are many image slider plugins out there on WordPress Plugins repository search results and it can be very difficult to choose the right plugin for your requirements and generally, we don’t have much time to go through each and every plugin to install and check whether they are compatible with other plugins and website or not. 

There are some more plugins that work the same like SlidersPack e.g. MetaSlider. Here i will also give you a small comparison  between SlidersPack Pro and MetaSlider Pro:

SupportsGallery Images, WordPress Posts, ACF Pro and ACF Gallery Add-onGallery Images, WordPress Posts
FancyBoxInbuilt SupportNot Inbuilt (Need a Separate Add-on ie MetaSlider Lightbox)
Design Options20(1) Basic Design
Comparison Between SlidersPack PRO & Metaslider PRO

You should have known by now that not a lot of image slider plugins provide you with features that SlidersPack has. MetaSlider PRO provides you with limited design options and features while SlidersPack has much to offer and various features which can really help you enhance your website with sliders and image galleries. 

Final Thoughts

We are gradually trying to add new features to our SliderPack plugin on a daily basis with observation and feedback from our users. For now we are adding template overriding functionality where you can customize any design in your theme, smart cropping etc.

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