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10 Best Practices to Encourage Customer Reviews & Testimonials

As the title suggests, we will talk about reviews and testimonials today. But before we put anything on the table, here is a stat.

Customer Reviews and testimonial graph

A December 2020 poll indicated that 34 percent of U.S. internet shoppers always check out customer reviews quotes to see whether the firm is reliable. 26% of those surveyed said they usually use online reviews when evaluating local companies.

Top practices to encourage customer reviews & testimonials

It would help if you had great customer service reviews since they might influence the purchasing choices of your clients. Consumers and potential customers are increasingly relying on the experiences and opinions of other clients in reviews when assessing choices and deciding whether or not to purchase anything.

In addition, you need to represent those testimonials on your website using any WordPress Testimonial Plugins.

1. Be sure that your testimonials are easily accessible

Consumers check 4 to 6 product reviews before they buy any product in real. Ensuring that the best customer reviews are displayed is the first step in assuring that the reader will even consider purchasing your product in the first place.

To ensure that your clients can discover the reviews area, make it readily visible. Include it immediately behind the description to ensure that buyers can readily understand it.

You can use our plugin for the same. Multiple styles may be used to display your customers’ testimonials in a visually attractive and professional manner. Don’t miss to read out The Importance Of Testimonials On A WordPress Website.

2. Simplify the review system for your customers

In the same way that you want the purchase process to be simple for your clients, so too do you. The fewer barriers consumers have, the more likely they are to submit reviews and testimonials. For example, they should be clear about what questions they’ll be asked and how time they’ll need to answer each.

Ensure that your review method is also very user-friendly. Customers like the ease and speed with which they may submit feedback via inbox submission and checkout remarks. In the post-purchase email or order confirmation page, ask your customers for customer reviews quotes instead of forcing them to go to a new page.

3. Let customers add real-time photos and videos

great customer service reviews that include photographs and videos help you develop a stronger visual connection with potential buyers, making it simpler for them to see your items in their own hands.

4. Be responsive to the reviews

Whether a review is positive or negative, future consumers need to consider how a business reacts to it. A calm and confident reaction to unfavorable reviews may portray your firm in a good manner just as effectively as a 5-star rating. 

Being modest and open-minded to criticism is as simple as thanking your consumers for their feedback and taking their suggestions to heart. It will reflect that you care about your clients’ thoughts about your products.

WordPress testimonial plugins directly hold the reviews and comments posted in inappropriate language.

5. Utilize the power of social media when it comes to getting the best customer reviews

It would help if you asked for customer evaluations on your company’s social media the same way consumers would do. When you ask your audience a question in a brand-related post, you’ll get helpful feedback that you can use to promote your product.

6. Ensure that the reviews you publish are of the greatest quality

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in; honest and authentic client reviews and testimonials have the same features.

For starters, honest customer reviews show both your product and service’s positive and negative aspects.

Second, your consumers’ language in their evaluations lends an air of objectivity to the content. That doesn’t mean they won’t be open about their feelings. Fortunately, they manage to accomplish so without seeming too favoritism.

7. Add qualitative data to the quantitative ones.

Customer feedback and testimonials are evidence, which is an advantage to a business. You can keep your business on track by managing all this data.

The quantifiable data might include the amount of customer reviews quotes you get or the star rating that most e-commerce websites use. Qualitative data include the substance of the reviews, which may give you a better picture of what your consumers want from you.

8. Transparency is key to great customer service reviews.

You must ensure that potential consumers view you authentically as trustworthy and credible. A company that removes its bad evaluations from its website would seem dishonest and untrustworthy, further deterring buyers.

Amazon’s verification mechanism has improved product transparency on their site.

9. Keep on asking for reviews

Keep reminding your consumers that you value their feedback. When a consumer buys a new product, use it as an occasion to evaluate the things they’ve already bought from you.

10. Provide Subdimensions to the Review.

Guiding the substance of the reviews is another method to make it simple. Provide customers with a context for sharing their experiences.

Filters and inquiries related to a certain product are subdimensions for reviews. Asking questions like “Did this item fit true to size?” or “Was this mattress as firm as advertised?” can help you receive more valuable feedback from your customers. “

Wrap Up

Remember that reviews and testimonials from consumers are based on their overall satisfaction with your items. For example, if you want to boost the number of satisfied customers, don’t cut corners on the quality of items you’re providing to your target market.

If you are not using any WordPress testimonial plugins for your website, you are surely missing out on getting the best customer reviews. To get the demo of customer reviews quotes, contact us or view our bundle plans here.

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