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A Productive Rant On Creating a Separate Blog Post Page in WordPress

Do you know that 61% of the online users in the USA have acquired a service or a product after reading a blog? 

Blogging is quite an important way to generate traffic on your WordPress website. If you have a WordPress website or are developing one, you must consider having a separate blog page. 

A WordPress blog page is defined as publishing news, articles, blogs, and press releases to generate awareness of your brand’s products or services. The traffic generated by your website’s blog page is beneficial for your website as it increases sales or sign-ups. 

Creating WordPress Multiple Blog Pages

A default WordPress website has a blog section on the homepage. It can be too confusing for your visitors to understand the importance of the blog section when you don’t have a separate WordPress blog page. Hence, there arises a need for creating a blog with WordPress. 

A blog section on your WordPress website has a designated URL that is different from a homepage. But still, you need to have various categories or sections on the blog page for publishing different niche blogs. 

WordPress Multiple Post Pages: Example

An accounting software company needs a blog targeting finance, startup industries, software features, customer support, sales tips, and much more. So, each of these blogs cannot be published on the same page. There arises a need for WordPress multiple blog pages, for which customization is required. 

Below is an illustration image of a blogging website with multiple post pages (categories). This is exactly how your website’s blog section needs to be defined with various blog sections or categories to publish the different types of posts. 

Benefits of WordPress Multiple Blog Categories

An average blog post takes approximately 3.5 hours to write. A blog is not just about writing and publishing; it is about putting the right research and output to deliver something unique and worthy to the visitors and readers. When you invest so much effort in publishing the right blog post, why not make it look and locate organized as it should be. 

There are various benefits of having an organized WordPress blog post page. Let’s talk about a few below:

  • 80% of the visitors or readers leave a blogging website due to poor design and navigation. 
  • Blog categories help your blogging page to look more organized and navigated. It becomes easy for the readers to search any particular article by scrolling the category section. 
  • Blog category enhances your website’s SEO by adding hierarchy to the pages. Hence, you can expect favourable SEO results by adding more website traffic to your blog pages. 
  • When you have categories designed for your blog, it helps create an effective blogging strategy. 
  • Nevertheless, multiple WordPress blog pages are a part of modern websites, so creating them is crucial. 

How to Customize a WordPress Blog?

The website owner needs to install the popular WordPress blog designer plugins and widgets to customize the blog page. The plugin helps enhance the overall appearance of your website’s blogging page, thereby improving the site navigation and SEO.

1. WP Blog and Widgets 

For creating a blog with WordPress using customization, the website owner must get a WP blog and widgets from Essential Plugin. After activating the WordPress blog and widgets plugin, users can customize their blog page with stunning layouts and designs. 


  • 7 Layouts
  • 50 Designs for Blog Grid Layout
  • 45 Designs for Blog Slider/Carousel Layout
  • 8 Designs for Blog List View
  • 13 Designs for Blog Grid Box
  • 8 Designs for Blog Grid Box Slider
  • 7 Widgets including the category, slider and list.  

Creating a blog with WordPress and customizing it becomes fun and engaging with WP blog and widgets from Essential Plugin. The plugin is SEO-optimized to help your blog pages easily rank in the search engines. Also, it supports most of the popular WordPress themes and page builders. 

2. Blog Designer Post and Widget Plugin for WordPress

When you get the option to choose multiple design themes and layouts for publishing your WordPress blog, why would you settle for one? Blog Designer Post and Widget Plugin help you customize your blog page by adding categories and lists with different layouts. 


  • 50 Designs for Blog Post Grid Layout
  • 45 Designs for Blog Post Slider/Carousel Layout
  • 24 Designs for Blog Post Masonry Layout
  • 25+ Designs for Blog Post List, Grid Box, and Grid Box Slider Layout
  • Blog Ticker feature 
  • Seamless integration with popular WordPress themes and pages
  • Responsive themes and layouts
  • SEO-optimized 

Website owners can download the plugin and create a blog with WordPress effortlessly. Here is an illustration of the design layout that it offers for customizing your WordPress multiple blogs. 

Start Customizing Your Blog Page!

Download these super-engaging plugins and get a tutorial on how to customize a WordPress blog from Essential Plugin. Blogging is an effective online marketing strategy, so deliver the best to your visitors by having these blog widgets and post plugins on your WordPress website. Scroll more widgets on our official plugin page and start customizing your website today!

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