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The Best & Top WordPress Blogs To Read And Follow In 2022

Do you consider yourself a WordPress enthusiast?

Are you seeking the most excellent blogs about WordPress to read?

Getting WordPress assistance is the most effective technique to expand your knowledge and abilities.

For the last 18 years, the WordPress community has overgrown, with users from all over the globe, including bloggers, designers, and developers.

As a result, if you have the necessary understanding, the WordPress blog might be a fantastic platform for further developing your abilities. 

That being said, you will not be required to spend anything to learn more about WordPress, as we will provide you with a list of the top best WordPress blogs you should follow in 2022 to get a great deal of knowledge for free.

Before we get into the specifics, we want to emphasize that the following list of WordPress blogs to follow is not in any specified sequence; almost all the WordPress blogs to read mentioned here are equally important and worth pursuing.

1. WP Beginner

Best WordPress Blogs to Follow
Best WordPress Blogs to Follow

WP Beginner is one of the most popular blogs you must follow if you are really new to WordPress and want to learn the basics of the platform.

In addition, they feature the most significant and most straightforward training on almost everything connected to WordPress, the best blogs to follow include: themes, plugins, tutorials, how to build a blog or website, and how to protect your WordPress site from hackers. 

If you are just getting started with WordPress, you will discover numerous valuable tutorials to help you learn the ropes. WP Beginner is undoubtedly the most well-known and longest-running WordPress blog.

Visit WP Beginner Blog Now

2. Essential Plugin

Best WordPress Blogs to Follow
Best WordPress Blogs to Follow

Suppose you already have a WordPress website (eCommerce or blogging or anything else) and are looking for the best WordPress plugins. In that case, you must visit Essential Plugin’s, Blog Page. 

Their WordPress blogs provide many essential details about various plugins, their benefits, and how you can add them to your current website. If you are looking to develop your site using the best blogs to follow, use the Essential Plugin and follow the Blog Page. You may also like to read more about How to create a Blog Page on WordPress.

Visit EssentialPlugin’s Blog Now!

3. WP Leader

WordPress Blogs
WordPress Blogs

WP Leader is a website built by Istiak Rayhan to serve as a one-stop resource for anything connected to the WordPress platform by providing the best WordPress blogs. 

Their wide range of WordPress blogs to read covers subjects including theme and plugin listings, product reviews, discount offers, influencers testimonials, WordPress tips and tricks, custom blog design tips, and other related topics. 

Suppose you’re considering utilizing WordPress to develop your eCommerce website. In that case, you’ll discover a wealth of tutorials on the most popular blogs to help you along the route.

Visit WPleaders Blog Now

4. Elegant Themes Blog

WordPress Blogs to Read
WordPress Blogs to Read

Elegant Themes’ blog and the Divi page builder are perhaps the most popular on the web. Its best WordPress blogs include a wide range of topics, including news, how-tos, and tutorials for novice and experienced users. Also, learn more about how to add WordPress image caption with a plugin.

Their WordPress blogs cover subjects relating to Divi 4, their most popular page builder and suitable for beginners to experienced users. 

If you want to construct websites for yourself or customers, or if you’re going to go into the freelancing world of WordPress sites, you will learn a lot about the WordPress community by reading this book. 

Visit Elegant Themes Blog Now

5. WP Newsify

WordPress Blogs to Follow
WordPress Blogs to Follow

When it was first launched in 2016, WP Newsify immediately gained popularity as a resource for WordPress users looking for fast tips and lessons on the platform. 

Their blogs about WordPress constantly provide anything from simple advice to in-depth plugin tutorials and other valuable resources. You should subscribe to a WordPress blog if you want to remain up to date with the newest WordPress tools and developments.

Visit WP Newsify Blog Now

6. CodeinWP

WordPress Blogs to Follow
WordPress Blogs to Follow

The mission of Code In WP is to provide information on everything and everything relevant to WordPress. Every week, you’ll discover an abundance of excellent WordPress blogs to read covering tutorials, design guidelines, WordPress news, and other resources.

 If you’re a WordPress fanatic, you should sign up for their email subscription so that you don’t miss out on any of their best WordPress blogs.

In addition to lessons on starting a blog or website, they explain how to safeguard your existing website. Hosting, software, and plugins are all topics covered to aid in the development and growth of your website. 

For novices, they feature the finest free WordPress themes for beginners and the best affordable WordPress hosting.

Visit CodeinWP Blog Now

7. WP Tavern

WordPress Blogs To Follow
WordPress Blogs To Follow

WPTavern is a WordPress-only site established in 2009. It has provided great tutorials, WordPress news, and tips connected to WordPress ever since.

Additionally, in addition to blogs about WordPress, it provides a weekly podcast where you can learn more about the newest WordPress developments, such as new features, improvements, and tips. In addition, their podcast contains a wealth of information on WordPress and its associated topics.

Whenever there is a good or terrible piece of news concerning WordPress, you will hear about it from them. Their WordPress blogs cover events, themes, plugins, interviews, and podcasts linked to WordPress. 

A friendly and welcoming community, WordPress Tavern is a place where folks interested in the software may hang out with other WordPressers and participate in thought-provoking conversations.

Visit WPTavern Blog Now

Final Thoughts

WordPress Beginner is one of the WordPress blogs sites you should read and follow if you are a complete beginner to the WordPress community and want to understand the platform’s fundamentals.

But If you are only looking to enhance your site using plugins, read the Essential Plugin’s blogs about WordPress.

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