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Top 6 Secure Email Providers You Must Try in 2022

Privacy protection must always top your priority list if it doesn’t already. That’s because the threat to the privacy of your mailbox looms large. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo do not provide end-to-end encryption which clearly means that your data is not protected. 

Rewind the last few years and you would see a flurry of data breaches. In fact what came as a surprise to those who understand the importance of encryption and security is that if your government decides to prowl your data these companies can barely raise an objection. Isn’t that unfair and scary? They are the least secure email providers, aren’t they?

So, what’s the solution?

The good news is that there are a plethora of private and secure email providers to choose from. Secure email providers offer email services and solutions with end-to-end encryption and your data is not vulnerable.

Take A Look At The List Of The Best Secure Email Providers

1. StartMail


With a completely integrated PGP, Startmail offers secure email services and has apparently become one of the best secure email providers. It may interest you to know that PGP is server-side implementable, so it isn’t really an end-to-end configuration; however, with 2-factor authentication in place, you can rest assured that unauthorized access doesn’t transpire, come what may. 

Besides, owing to burner email integration, adding additional aliases becomes a cakewalk. There are several other reasons to choose Startmail such as IMAP and SMTP support, and 10 GB of encrypted cloud storage. 

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2. Zoho Mail

Zoho mail

If you have been around on the internet for a while, this name shouldn’t be unfamiliar to you. It is an obvious choice for individuals as well as businesses. With a whole host of IT solutions and features such as a password manager, end-to-end encryption, and spam & malware protection, Zoho Mail remains an undisputed leader in the realm of private and secure email services. 

Just by spending a dollar per month, you can have IMAP/POP clients and a 250 MB attachment size limit. Even the free Zoho version allows 5 GB of storage. As a power user, you can expect 50 GB storage, backup emails, and a 1 GB attachment facility- all of this for just 4 dollars a month.

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3. Tutanota 


Tutanota is another commendable and secure email provider with a phenomenal clientele. With over 2 million clients worldwide, it is inarguably one of the best secure email providers on the digital landscape. It is preferred because it provides sender and recipient name encryption along with the subject line as well. To facilitate exceptional protection, Tutanota also offers two-step authentication. 

Also, IP addresses and emails are deleted from the heading metadata for the highest level of protection. 

If you want to give it a try, you can opt-in for the free version that offers a calendar with 1 GB of storage for one user. You can get custom domains, 5 aliases, 1 GB storage, and email support for just a dollar a month. 

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4. Thexyz


Thexyz is one of the best alternatives as far as secure email services are concerned. It is a Canada-based secure email provider and is considered one of the best secure email providers if you refer to secure email provider reviews, you would discover what we mean.  

Choosing Thexyz ensures that emails sent do not display your IP address. With amazing support for IMAP, POP, and OpenPGP; it has all the necessary features you are looking for in private email services. 

There is no free version available; however, with pricing starting at $2.95 per month, it is certainly worth your greenback. There are numerous spam filters, migration tools, two-factor authentication, and a 50 MB attachment facility. 

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5. ProtonMail 


Known to all and sundry, ProtonMail is another recognized private email services provider that is an absolute favorite of business owners. Being open-source with a strict no-logs policy, ProtonMail has been around since 2013. 

It uses a web-based client which means it doesn’t offer a desktop app; however, it works seamlessly across all browsers. If you wish to use it on your mobile phone, you can download the iOS or Android app. 

Both iOS and Android apps are securely designed for optimal user experience. One of the remarkable features offered by one of the best secure email providers is Combined Contacts. This feature allows users to complete email addresses automatically in an intuitive manner. 

You also get 5 GB of storage with custom domain support and 5 email addresses. You can also upgrade to the $24 plan which is referred to as Visionary Plan. It allows users access to 20 GB storage, ProtonVPN, multi-user support, and 50 email aliases. 

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6. CounterMail 


Here comes CounterMail, another noteworthy secure email provider. Again, it is a web-based application making its inception in 2008. It uses PGP encryption and with a brawny MITM attack protection. MITM stands for ‘man-in-the-middle’ that adds AES and RSA algorithms right close to the SSL layer making the protection more robust than before. 

You can opt-in for the 7 day trial of CounterMail and by choosing the paid plan, you just need to pay $3.29 per month. This gets you 4 GB of storage apart from private and secure email services. 

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 Privacy is your right and choosing a secure email provider to ensure that the information you share is only shared with the intended person is extremely important. Hope the list mentioned above was useful to you.

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