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6 Blogging Trends Of 2022 You Must Be Aware Of

Blogging became an integral part of the contemporary marketing strategy long ago. Regardless of the industry you are from, your enterprise just cannot do without blogging. There are several statistics vouching for the same. 

Websites with a blog page are 434% more likely to get indexed as opposed to those with none. In fact, blogs have been found amazingly effective in the B2B space as well. They are viewed as exceptional lead generators. In a survey, B2B companies with a blog page on their website were able to capture 67% more leads than those who didn’t have one on their website. Don’t miss to read about Top 7 Content Marketing Tools and Plugins For WordPress.

These statistics speak volumes about the importance of blogging. No wonder, marketers across the globe keep a close eye on the latest blogging trends. So, first things first, have a blog on your website, if you haven’t already and check out these blogging trends you must watch out for in 2022. 

The Latest Blogging Trends To Follow.

1. Focus On Personalization 

One of the key blog writing trends observed in recent years is content personalization. 

Segment your audience on the basis of buyer personas and that’s because both readers (and buyers) and search engines appreciate personalized content. This calls for extensive research and when you successfully do so, you find your content attracting your niche audience quite effectively. 

The importance of your main marketing goals must not be compromised and various blogging activities must be aligned with each other to support the main marketing goal. You gotta keep your audience engaged with value-added content that answers their questions. Keeping your content diverse helps a big time and you will see big brands leveraging video content and infographics all the time. 

Investing time and money to know the persona, needs, and pain points will take your blogging strategy to another level altogether. 

2. Maintain The Frequency 

As a marketer, you must post blogs on a regular basis. Maintaining the frequency will increase reader engagement and that will further increase website traffic resulting in better ROI. 

Enterprises that have blogging on their priority list are able to fetch 13 times more likely to fetch positive outcomes. So, with so much on your plate, you must be struggling with a hectic schedule. How would you go about maintaining blog posting frequency?

Create an editorial calendar and stick to the blogging schedule. Try publishing at least one blog per day or one blog every two days. The majority of users are interested in time-relevant topics and if your users find your content useful and it is published almost every day, it is your chance to build a loyal community of readers around your content and brand. 

3. Create Large Articles

Content optimization will be more important than it ever was in 2022. With large articles of more than 2000 words becoming commonplace, your marketing team must be focused on generating content your audience loves to read. On one hand, such articles are appealing to your audience, on the other they are welcomed by Google as well.

Marketers switching to lengthy articles admitted that these articles performed 2 times better in terms of traction and engagement. 

Here an important bit to bear in mind is that keyword stuffing is a big NO-NO and hence you must use keywords quite wisely. 

4. Leverage LSI

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing, which is an algorithm aimed at understanding the relationships between different words in your content or text. This algorithm was designed by Google to better understand the topic or context of your content. So, how is it useful to you?

If you use the right set of keywords and create intent-based content it will help Google better understand the context of your post. It will not only increase engagement but will also boost your search engine rankings. 

So, using a precise subset of keywords will help search engines understand your content better and more in-depth. 

5. Original Content Will Continue To Rock 

Let’s face it! Consumers and readers are being fed with tons of information and articles every day and they are intelligent enough to distinguish rewritten from the original. They are always looking for original content and have zero tolerance for irrelevant stuff. 

As a marketer, it should be more of a philosophy for you than a trend. We have seen demand for original content increasing exponentially in the past few years and this trend will continue in the coming years as well. 

As a farsighted business, you can use blogs to educate your customers. Check the recent blog posts you created and evaluate them to find out how they help your customers. Do they provide a solution to your customer’s problem? 

If not, you need to inculcate this in your upcoming blogs. Experimenting with different formats will take you a long way in your blogging journey as a marketer. 

6. Make Use Of Guest Posts  

If you haven’t made the most of guest posts till now, it is time for you to get started. They can help extend your reach to a wider audience because guest posts tend to have better quality than personal blogs and they are encouraged by search engines as well. 


Keeping pace with the latest blogging or blog writing trends is essential for your marketing aspirations. As a marketer, if you want your brand to come up with flying colors in 2022, you must bear these points in mind.

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