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7 Powerful Designing Tips To Create an eCommerce Website

Designing an eCommerce store is one of the most common requirements of our clients these days. 7 out of 10 offline retailers are switching their business online by launching their eCommerce website. 

Well, it is mandatory to have your eCommerce store setup ideally for allowing the designs to create an engaging impact. So, let’s talk about designing tips and setting up the right eCommerce store.

Setting Up An eCommerce Website

So, the first thing that comes to your mind while you are ready to create an eCommerce store is connecting to the best eCommerce store designers. Well, of course, you will search online on how to set up an eCommerce business; but is this serious enough?

You have to synchronize your ideas to the store developer’s ideas to help you serve better. Here is an exclusive designing tip to discuss with your store or product designer before setting up an eCommerce store.

Designing Tip 1: Tell a Story, Share it with your brand

Only setting up your store using the technical guidelines isn’t enough. Planning your design and content using a personal approach is essential to stand out from your competitors. &, the best way to do this is by creatively telling your story.

Installing WordPress + WooCommerce

Once you have selected your hosting provider company, the next step is to get your store designed by downloading the store plugin. We recommend that our users choose WordPress + WooCommerce to deliver an incredible store experience to the customers. It has all the latest design elements and safety features to help you efficiently run your eCommerce store. 

Designing Tip 2: Choose the Most Interacting Woo Theme

The second most crucial design tip while creating an eCommerce store is choosing the best themes and design. The design does talk on behalf of your store! Hence always believe in choosing the most engaging designs to impress your customers in the first go! 

WooCommerce offers thousands of themes to create an eCommerce store. So, choose the design and theme that suits your business the most. 

Downloading Woo Product Slider & Carousel Category

Well, to make your WooCommerce store more exciting- you need some nifty WooCommerce product and category plugins. For any eCommerce website displaying the product or category is quite essential. More importantly, how you are showcasing it stands crucial.

Woo Product Slider and Carousel Category

When you have to highlight your best-selling, featured, or discounted products on your store’s homepage, you need to download the Woo Product Slider and Carousel Category. It helps to slide your WooCommerce products more creatively. 

The features include:

  • 8 Layouts.
  • 50+ Predefined design templates
  • Best Selling Product Slider
  • Featured Product Slider
  • Sale/Regular Price Product Slider
  • Best Rated Product Slider
  • Grid Layout

Designing Tip 3: Use Carousels and Sliders to Showcase Your Best-Selling Products

One of the best ways to enhance your store’s design is to display the products using the slideshow or carousel layout. It helps to highlight the products that you want to sell with a priority. You can also clear your old stock using the carousel and sliders by using the right combination of content and layout.

Integrating the Store with Products 

A store is incomplete without the products. So, it’s time to integrate all the different products into the right product category to create an eCommerce store. An average eCommerce store has about 4000+ products that need to be integrated smartly, including the correct product image, product description, and product price. 

Designing Tip 4: Bring Product Stock Curiosity Using Design

One of the best ways to make your customers curious about purchasing any product is through curiosity. How about making your customers curious with the help of countdown timer plugin designs and layouts? The plugins offer various designs and layouts to run a countdown timer for the products. It shows live product views, a product sold at the last minute, and product stock. 

Fine-tuning Your Store’s Overall Settings

Apart from the product, product images, category integration, etc., it is essential to fine-tune your store’s overall settings for gaining maximum customer engagement. So, finally, during the last steps of how to set up an eCommerce website- you need to learn fine-tuning.

Designing Tip 5: Check Your Store’s Header & Footer Designs

For any eCommerce store or website, creating an eCommerce store isn’t enough. The design part shall not compromise the store’s header and footer designs. The store’s header represents the website’s core subjects and features, whereas the footer has all the essential links and resources. 

Configure Tax Rates, Setting-up Shipping Method & Payment Integrations

Lastly, when you are learning how to set up an eCommerce business, you need to give equal attention to the configuration of the tax rates, integration of the best payment methods, and setting up the shipping system. Without doing so, your eCommerce website stays incomplete. You would like to read more about Tips To Create A QR Code For Your Website.

Designing Tip 6: Don’t forget to use the A/B Testing 

A/B Testing is essential for any campaigns or websites to have a clear say on the best design or method for getting traffic or engagement. The metrics here help you keep a clear check on the conversion rates and engagement level- which is super important for having a robust eCommerce store design.

Don’t Forget SEO!

SEO should be at a  standstill when launching or creating an eCommerce store. To create an eCommerce website, the SEO factors shouldn’t be neglected. Because of excellent and effective SEO, you can help your website rank on the first page of Search Engines.  

Designing Tip 7: Optimize the Store Images

SEO is not limited to the content part. Designing plays a vital role in implementing effective SEO. So, you need to optimize all your store images, banners, and product images with the SEO guidelines. 

Planning your design and content using a personal approach is essential to stand out from your competitors (if you want to learn more about proper website planning, here’s some additional reading).

It’s a Wrap!

Here is how to set up an eCommerce website with the seven powerful designing tips. If you still have doubts or queries, you can visit our official webpage. We are just a click away.

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